Product Review: Jungle Room Wall Decor 5 Pieces


These pictures really do the wall decor no justice. They are so much cuter in person. Each piece of wall decor comes with a 3D element and with glitter on it. These pieces are great sizes. The lion is roughly 9×11.IMG_20151202_223642650

The two butterflies, one mainly pink and the other mainly purple, are 11×9. The colors on each piece are really vibrant and stand out well. The colors mix together and don’t clash like some children’s wall decor I’ve seen before.IMG_20151202_223615070

The zebra, which I think is the cutest piece, is 10×10. IMG_20151202_223553430

The money is roughly 9.5×10.5. He’s my second favorite and my daughter’s third favorite after the two butterflies.IMG_20151202_223521193

This 5 piece wall decor set is perfect for a boy or girls room. Each piece has several adhesive spots on them to adhere it to the wall. They are re-positional and reusable.

This set can be purchased for $19.96 on Amazon.

***I received this product free in exchange for my opinion on them.***

The Magical Zoo #3: Finding Katty by Dan Jackson

Finding Katty

This is a cute book for children. I will say that the pictures are the same as some of the ones found in book two only they replace the animal. In book three, Finding Katty, we are looking for Katty the Zebra. Sally ends up finding Katty first but Katty gets away from her. She’s really frightened and she tries to hide but gets scared again.

It’s a short book being only 22 pages. It’s a good length for kids though.  The colors are vibrant and draw the eyes all over the pages. Each page’s wording is enough to keep the kids interested for that page before getting bored with the story.

While this is a cute book, I’m not sure I’d pay $2.99 for it when my daughter would only read it a few times before getting bored with it. If your kids would read it many, many times, I see it as being a good deal.

This can be purchased:

Amazon Kindle for $2.99


Kindle Unlimited for free

***I received this book in PDF format in exchange for an honest review***

Finding Tibby (The Magical Zoo #2) by Dan Jackson

Magical Zoo

This is such a cute book for children. They will love the vibrant colors of the pictures as well as all the different items they’ll recognize. The story is cute and is easy for kids to understand. My daughter absolutely loved this book and couldn’t have it read to her enough.

The animals escaped from the book when it was opened in the first book of this series. Now, they are hunting Tibby the tiger. The zookeeper, John, and Sally take off in separate directions while trying to find him/her. But do they find the tiger and what all else happens before they get close to finding her/him?

A great book that all children will like.


20 pages

99 cents on Kindle

(I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.)

The Magical Zoo #1 by Dan Jackson

The Magical Zoo

This book is so cute. I came across it and thought my daughter would love it. I read through it first because even though it’s a children’s book, you can never be too careful.

The pictures are done very well. The writing is easy to where children can understand and read on their own. I was reading this book to my daughter. I’m not sure if she had more fun with me reading to her or looking at the pictures and pointing things out.

There are different animals represented in the book. I can’t wait to see how each animal plays into the story and what is taught about each animal and how they get them back to the Magical Zoo.


This is a cute book. Lots of colors in the pictures. Easy words for children to read. When it says “endless imagination” it truly means endless imagination. My daughter was coming up with a ton of different scenarios as to what each of the animals could be doing or where they would go. She was also coming up with outlandish things that each animal would wear and eat to hide itself so it didn’t have to go back. She’s 5 and very smart. She said that since they left the book then they didn’t want to be there anymore so they would hide themselves to keep from going back. A very cute and thought provoking book for children.


Free on Kindle

24 pages

The Secret to Happiness (Hugo the Happy Starfish #1) by Suzy Liebermann


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review!


The cover of this book drew me in. I knew it would be a book that I would like and one that my daughter would like. I read the story first before reading it to my daughter. The moral of this story is one that I like.

Hugo is a starfish who can’t find happiness that lasts. He talks to his friend Manta and Manta suggests a few things. The happiness from the suggestions of Manta lasts for a period but not long. One suggestion brings him happiness for a month and another for a year. Then Hugo decides on how the happiness can last for him. His idea is a great idea and really is something that all children can learn from.

When I read this book to my daughter, she loved it. She was pointing out the different colors of the starfishes and telling me what different things were in each picture. She really enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book. I don’t think the lesson of this story has sunk in with her but I know the more I read it to her, the more it will.

I would suggest getting this book for yourself and your kids. They will greatly enjoy all the images in the book and are sure to enjoy the story as well!


32 pages

$5.99 on Kindle

$15.95 Hardcover

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