My Zombie My (I Zombie #2) by Jack Wallen

my zombie

My Zombie My is the second book in the I Zombie series by Jack Wallen.

We know from the first book that Jacob turned eventually because of his bite and that Bethany put him down. We also know that Susan was bitten by him and infected. Bethany, Sally, Susan and Gunther make it to Paris. They hole up in a hospital. Bethany is keeping Susan sedated because it helped hold off the transformation for Jacob, so it could help with Susan, right? It’s been a week that she’s been under and she’s found a doctor who lives close to the hospital that is willing to risk his life to get there to help out.

Afterall, Bethany does have the encrypted file that contains the cure for what they have dubbed the Mengele Virus.  Jean, the doctor, makes it there ans assesses Susan. He knows that keeping her sedated is very risky so he wants to put her in a come which he thinks will help. Bethany agrees. He puts Susan in a come and keeps monitoring her. Bethany sets the laptop up to start cracking the file. All her auto-crackers fail and she is able to eventually get into it.

Things get worse before they get better. There is someone else in the hospital with them. And Bethany doesn’t like it. Which is spot on since he’s spying on them. She eventually catches him and they tie him up. Zander eventually becomes part of their team, but only in appearances. Bethany knows there is something up with him but she doesn’t know what it is. Two more survivors are brought into their group and she eventually trusts them. Mika is eventually injured on a run and Gunther is shot twice by a sniper while trying to save Mika and Michelle. They make it back to the hospital for things to only get worse from there.

Bethany eventually pieces things together and learns Zander’s role in everything. He’s supposed to spy on her and the little group and report back to the ZDC. The ZDC does NOT want Bethany and her group coming up with a cure for the virus and will stop at nothing to prevent her from doing that. When she tumbles to him, he states that he hasn’t reported on them since he became part of their group because he sees the passion and knows there is a need for the cure.

They make it out of the hospital and to another safe spot, with Bethany not trusting Zander with the location of the new spot. They make it there and somehow word gets out about where they are. Susan eventually turns into one of the moaners but only stronger. She is ripped to pieces by another super-charged screamer. Bethany failed to protect her like she promised Jacob so this brings her down.


There is so much more going on in this book than in the first one. Jack Wallen’s writing gets better with each book! I HIGHLY suggest reading this series!!


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472 Pages

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I Zombie I (I Zombie #1) by Jack Wallen

i zombie


“I Zombie I” is the first book in the I Zombie series by Jack Wallen.  I first read this book back in 2013 when I first purchased it. I recently (within the last year lol) bought books 2-4. There are still 6 more books in the I Zombie series that I need and will eventually get.


Jacob Plummer is a journalist. A well respected one. He isn’t tied down with any family and no real friends so the newspaper he works for sends him all over the world. At present he is in  Munich, Germany. He is there to cover the unveiling of a device created by Dr. Lindsay Godwin that is going to help solve the energy crisis. Or so everyone believes.

On the morning of the revealing, Jacob is in his hotel room still. He is woken up by a huge blast. Looking out the window he sees nothing but wouldn’t see anything anyways because of how high up in the hotel he is. He tries calling down to the lobby with no answer. There is no news on the tv, only static. He decides to go investigating. Leaving his room, he goes down to the lobby and is creeped out. There are people lying dead all over the place. And it’s much the same when he goes outside.

There’s no one moving or breathing.  If he weren’t seeing things with his own eyes, he would believe they were all just napping peacefully and were going to pop up at any second. He starts shouting and is surprised. There is no echo and no other sounds around. He finally sees a body, and I say body because it wasn’t a living human but the body was moving. The body is covered in bite marks. He dubs this body as Flaky. Flaky ends up taking a chunk out of his cheek.

Jacob runs and locks himself in a convenience stores bathroom after having grabbed some first aid supplies. There hasn’t been enough time that the chunk and surrounding skin should be dead, but they are. He puts a ton of antiseptic ointment in the crater, packs it full of gauze and covers it. He leaves the convenience store and starts following some feet patterns in the falling ash.

This is all in the first chapter or two! There is no way I could describe even HALF of the stuff going on in this book without making this post a book itself. I HIGHLY suggest getting this book and reading it.


As we should all know by now, I LOVE zombie books. I’ve read this one before but with having the other books in the series now, I wanted to reread it. I had forgotten some of the things that happen in the book until I read it again! It wasn’t a disappointment the first time I read it and nor the second time.


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328 pages

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Dead New World by Ryan Hill


I received this book free from Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review.

I LOVED reading this book. It’s pretty much a given that any book dealing with zombies is one that I’m going to love. And I really, really liked this book.


The book starts out with Holt and Ambrose, who are best friends, when they are going out on their first mission. Everyone that was in the group ends up dead except for Holt and Ambrose. A horde of zombies had attacked but they were being led by The Reverend. He was a man that many people had rumored about but no one really knew if he existed or not.

Holt has a leg blown off by a mine and Ambrose is bitten by one of the zombies. A prosthetic leg is made for Holt. Holt is in and out of consciousness for four days before finally waking up. His first concern is finding out Ambrose is. The nurse, Nancy, let’s Holt know that Ambrose is still alive but a doctor from DC was flying in to examine him. Ambrose still hadn’t turned into a zombie. There were rumors of people who were half human and half zombie, those that survived the zombie bite.

Holt wants to see Ambrose and Nancy takes him down to the cells. Holt pleads with the doctor not to destroy Ambrose. What he didn’t know, was that the Colony was real and that people like Ambrose were allowed to live there and they weren’t discriminated against. Ambrose is treated differently. He becomes a LT and has a squad under his command and his Sgt is Holt. Most won’t listen to Ambrose because he’s not like them anymore and they won’t listen to Holt because he’s a sympathizer. But let’s just say that those who won’t listen get what’s coming to them in the end. 🙂

Fort Bragg falls to the dead meat as the zombies are called.  There are still survivors and standing when Ambrose, Holt and a couple others are ordered to go check on another station. Things go from bad to worse for the team on the way there. Only Ambrose, Holt and Baker make it out of the helicopter being shot out of the sky.


There is so much stuff going on in this book. I love it! I really hope there is a sequel to this book so we can find out the few loose ends in the book. If you read it, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!

Haven (I Dream of Zombies #2) by Vickie Johnstone

i dream of zombies 2

Marla, Ellen, Tommy and the others in their group that made it to Haven are let out of quarantine. They are each assigned rooms and must see the therapist. Because Marla and Ellen have the dreams, they are sent to the sleep doctor who has “helped” others with the dreams. He is more interested in Ellen’s as hers are more vivid than Marla’s so she only attends one or two sleep studies.

Marla becomes stir crazy. She hates being inside all the time. And going out on the roof to the garden doesn’t count as going outside to her. So she signs up for the guard and Tommy signs up as well. They are paired together and always sent out on trips together with the others.

They go out on a scouting trip one day and Marla doesn’t like what she sees. But she listens to the commander of the safe community, Caballero. She trusts him and thinks he’ll do what he says. Boy, was she wrong about him in the end and she learns it the hard way.

At Haven, Marla meets Jakob. A scientist working for a cure. She starts hanging out with him. One night, the alarms go off. The first sixteen guards to reach the basement are sent in with weapons to contain a threat, loose zombies. The perpetrator of the letting loose of the zombies, Robert, refuses to talk to anyone but Marla during his questioning.

Marla goes with Caballero, who stays in the hallway. Robert starts telling Marla things but he isn’t making sense. She chalks his ramblings up to PTSD until things start looking suspicious around there. She starts checking into things and gets herself caught. She is locked up in a cell in the basement where Jakob tries to talk her into understanding what he’s doing.

His persuasions don’t work. Someone with a soft spot for her wants her taken to Amesbury, which is overloaded with zombies. She is left there with her gun and a knife. Those who dropped her off and ordered it aren’t expecting her to make it through the night.

What happens to Marla? Does she make it through the night or do zombies get her? What happens to Ellen, Tommy, Martinez, Sylvia and the others at Haven?


pricing unavailable (Not sure why this is?)

352 pages

I Dream of Zombies (I Dream fo Zombies #1) by Vickie Johnstone

i dream of zombies

Can you tell what kind of book it is or what it’s about? Yep, that’s right! It’s a horror/post-apocalyptic book about ZOMBIES! (I love reading book and watching movies about zombies. 🙂 )

The book starts out with Marla (our female lead) getting home from work and watching the news. Not so crazy, right? There is a segment based on a man who won a Nobel Peace Prize and how everyone thinks he is going crazy because he’s having these dreams. These dreams predict the oncoming slaughter by zombies. No one takes him seriously but there are others having the dreams as well, including Marla’s younger sister Ellen.

Marla thinks he’s a loon and dismisses the idea until her sister visits. Ellen reveals her nightmares/dreams to Marla. Ellen scares Marla out of a sound sleep by screaming during one of her dreams. Ellen explains to Marla about the dream. Guess what? Marla starts having the dreams too. It is estimated that only 5% of the population has these dreams.

Marla doesn’t feel right so she calls up her buddy Tommy and has him order her a bunch of guns, ammo and a pretty indestructible vehicle. Things are normal for a while until one day shit starts hitting the fan. London in placed on a curfew and then a lock-down to contain the virus as the government is calling it.

Things snowball from there and get really bad. There are several near misses. Both with zombies and men. 

Overall, this is a good book. One recommendation, if you read it all in one night, don’t have your phone on VIBRATE and Facebook set to forward messages to your phone. A forwarded message setting your phone off will almost give you a heart attack. Or at least it did me anyways!

99 cents on Kindle

310 pages

My Devouring Love: Jeremiah’s Untold Story (Short Story #2.5) by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 2.5

This is a short story that takes place at the same time as part of the second book. You would have to read it to understand how it’s played out.

Jeremiah is tired of Abby’s attitude and being ignored by her. He realizes things aren’t easy with him there and her non-dead boyfriend Conner. He and Conner can not get along at all except when it’s protecting Abby or her sister Ava.

Jeremiah finally looses it and snaps on Abby and storms off by himself for the day. Later that evening/night, Conner approaches him and he says some things to Jeremiah. Later that same night, Jeremiah’s father tells him that they have to leave the farm. Conner’s father wants them gone since they can’t get along. So they leave early the next morning. But Jeremiah refuses to go far at all from Abby. He knows she’ll change her mind and really wants him. Or at least he’s hoping anyways.

Things get bad for a while for him when depression sets in but he pulls himself out of it when his mom tells him that his dad has been gone longer than 24 hours. He knows he needs to get his crap together so he doesn’t get his mother, niece and nephew killed.

What happens in between these interesting tidbits? A LOT. And I mean a LOT. For this being a short story, the author has packed the pages.


Normally, I don’t like short stories. To me, if they are part of a series, they don’t normally add any information to what has already been read. In this case, it fills us in on Jeremiah and it’s actually a good short story. I really like this series and can’t wait on the third book to come out!


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79 pages


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My Devouring Love #2: Losing All Hope by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 2

Abby, Ava, Jeremiah, Conner and the others return in the second book to the My Devouring Love series.

Jeremiah and Abby have made it back to Pineville and are staying at the farm that Conner’s parents own. Abby refuses to make a decision between Jeremiah and Conner. So Jeremiah gets pissed off one day, writes a note and leaves. This in turn pisses Abby off. She goes on a search for him and is looking for him with where she thought he would have been going. But she was wrong! Very wrong.

Conner finally comes clean and gives her the letter that Jeremiah had wrote her and that he had taken before she could read it or even know about it. Turns out they were heading in the wrong direction on their search.

What happens? Does Abby choose Conner? Or does she choose Jeremiah in the end? Or does she say screw you to both of them and decide to be alone for a while?


Why? Just why would the author leave the ending the way she does?! Now I have to wait for the third book to come out and I don’t know when it’s coming out!

It’s usually cliffhanger endings like this that throw me off of books. I’ll read the first one but fare well to all the others. But with this series, I intend to keep reading it once the third part comes out.

A great zombie novel.

(This book DOES need editing done. There is missed punctuation, grammar, spelling, added words and missed words.)


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291 pages


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My Devouring Love: The First Weeks by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 1

Abigail is sixteen years old. Her sister is six years old. Their parents are recently divorced and her father moved four hours away. He came and go them and was keeping them a week and returning them to their mother the day before Christmas.

But things go horribly wrong the first night when they get back to his house after he picked them up. He is a doctor and was called in with an emergency. He wakes Abby up and lets her know. It is more than 24 hours before he returns to his house. He knows he is infected. He filled his car with gas and he had Abby gather her and Ava’s things while he gathered some food for them.

But while he was gathering the food, he turned. Abby is able to get her and Ava into the vehicle and to safety for a while. One thing leads to another and they meet up with another group of survivors at a gas station. They join up with them and agree to make it these people’s daughters house and then on to Pineville to check on their mother and Conner, Abby’s boyfriend.

Abby and Jeremiah, one of the boy’s from the new group, end up separated from the others on a scavenging mission. What happens to them? Do they eventually find the others? Are they overrun with zombies and become zombies themselves? To find the answer to this, grab this book while it’s free.



This was a GREAT book. I am a fan of zombie books and movies alike. This one had my attention from the front cover to the end of the story. I SERIOUSLY can’t wait to get the second one and review it as well! The only thing I noticed, was a few errors throughout the book with spelling, wording and punctuation. But it is no where near as bad as other’s I’ve read and it’s easy to overlook it in this book. 🙂


99 cents on Kindle

261 pages

The Eve (The Eden Trilogy #3) by Keary Taylor


The Eve is the third and final book in the Eden Trilogy.

Eve knows that something isn’t right. Things are going too good to be going the right way. The Bane are all banding together and are making sweeps from coast to coast, destroying EVERYTHING in their paths.

Eve learns more of her past in this book. And we learn more of others from her past as well. She goes into overload once. Eve learns that she has the chance to save the entire human race. She will do whatever it takes to keep everyone she loves safe and to preserve the human race

What trials and errors will the people of New Eden go through in order to get everything they need for Eve to save them? How many of them will be lost and how many will be saved?


I really don’t want to give too much of this book away. It was the BEST book of the series, by far. Even though it made me cry towards the end. This book shows more about each of the main characters in the book. Eve learns that she really wasn’t alone in the world when it comes to family, blood family. It’s what happens after that, that made me cry.


$3.99 on Kindle

384 pages

The Human (Eden Trilogy #2) by Keary Taylor


We know from the first book that the Eden survivors have to leave their home because of the Bane and they are able to make it to Los Angeles, where they are safe. We know West was injured in the first book and was becoming a Bane but we hadn’t learned of the outcome of his predictament. In this book, we learn that West IS alive and that he has to go in the extractor every 2 weeks in order to pull all the TorBane bits out of him to keep him human.

Eve had picked Avian as the one she wanted instead of West BEFORE she learned that West was the one injured. But that doesn’t change her mind on who she wants. Avian is increasingly becoming more violent towards West. West has a device that is implanted partly in his heart. This device hurts Eve when he is close to her because she IS a bane but not the normal bane we’ve learned of before.

Things happen and another band of survivors is introduced to us. We also learn that the Bane are becoming stronger and smarter. More and more are waking up and becoming hunters instead of sleepers.


Overall, I thought this book was good. It could have been longer without all the parts of Eve, West and Avian fighting but I guess it’s an integral part of the story to a certain point (you’ll understand if you read the book). I would recommend this to others who have read the first book of the series and liked it. The story only gets better as it goes. We learn more about Eve and Wests’ past.


$2.99 on Kindle

270 pages


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