Be Mine (Billionaire’s Obsession #1) by J. Menendez

Be Mine

Scarlett is a billionaire’s daughter, a princess if you will.Stefan is a son of a powerful drug lord. Scarlett is part of an elite rich kids club called Daredom and she ends up getting dared to sneak into a man’s penthouse and take a pair of his monogrammed boxer shorts. Stefan was expecting a gift from his friend in the form of a girl that night that she snuck in. He catches her and ends up screwing her better than she’s ever had before. He passes out right afterwards, she dresses and leaves with his boxers and gets the pair of shoes that were to be her prize.

She realizes after multiple home pregnancy tests that she’s really pregnant. Andrea, her best friend, starts putting ideas in her head about drug lords/mafia/mobsters. She has Scarlett thinking that she’ll be locked up in the house and never allowed out and that her child will be raised to be a cold-blooded killer and so many other things. At a party one night, Andrea keeps staring at Stefan.

Stefan ends up approaching Scarlett after Raphael ends up saying something to him. Scarlett ends up telling Stefan that he’s the father of her child. He tells her they need to talk and they meet the next morning to talk. While at the restaurant, he mentions that they’re going to get married. Scarlett tells him no they aren’t and she sticks to her guns for a while. After a week, her father shuts off her cards and freezes her out and evicts her from the house. She stays with her friend Andrea until she gets kicked out of there.

While signing a lease for her own apartment and checking it out one last time, someone slips a bomb onto her car. Luckily, she ends up having to go to the bathroom. When she emerges, she sees a commotion going on and realizes her car is nothing but a burned out hull. She takes a cab to Andreas instead of staying at the scene. Andrea is relieved when she finds her at the apartment. She calls Scarlett’s family who arrive with the police. While answering questions, Stefan shows up and convinces her to marry him.

Things get better for a while before getting worse.


This book is around 50 or so pages. It’s a somewhat quick and painful read. There are so many grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that it really was painful to read. This definitely needs a good dose of editing.

The story was on okay one. I would have liked for there to have been more substance to the characters. Scarlett can be summed up as a spoiled princess. Stefan is summed up as a drug lords son. Basically, that’s all they are.


56 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

***I purchased this book while it was free.***

Jace (Bodyguards for Hire) by T. A. Grey


Mara is a sex toy operator meaning she gets to test out prototypes of sex toys. Jace is a security specialist/bodyguard. Mara has been getting calls for a while now where no one ever responds when she answers but she knows that someone is listening. One day, while driving, she ignores the law and answers the phone and snaps. At the last minute she sees the huge black truck in front of her and she slams into it, damaging her little VW bug more than his truck.

Jace is pissed. Actually, he’s more than pissed. They get into it and end up flirting. Jace ends up having her vehicle towed to a trusted garage and takes her home. They exchange cards and numbers. Neither can get the other out of their heads. As Jace leaves, Mara gets another call. This time it’s “tick tock Mara tick tock”. She recognizes the voice and is instantly on high alert. She drops her phone and goes inside, not even bothering to pick it up. Everything looked normal and then she goes to bed.

She wakes up the next morning and the thermostat is set to 93 degrees. Definitely not where she left it the night before and seeming no significance to us until she gets to the office that Jace works at. He takes her case, pro bono. But things get worse. Worse than what he had predicted and quicker than what Jace had expected.


This book was a good read. I don’t like how Mara flipped back and forth between liking Jace and then hating his guts. The pace is steady and the characters are mostly likable. I could see a situation happening like in this book. I’m not new to the author’s work as I’ve read and reviewed the first three books in the Bellum Sister series with one book left to go in it.

This book was published in 2013. I wish there would be more books in this series following other characters but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. I can hope though, right?


189 pages

$2.26 on Kindle

$9.99 Paperback

(I purchased this book for free while on promo 3/2015)

Outlaw’s Bride: Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) by Nicole Snow

Outlaw's Bride

This was an awesome book to read. What’s better than outlaws, MC’s and romance combined into one? This steamy romance will leave you needing a cold shower when you’re finished reading.

Sally works on her uncle’s farm with her cousin Norm and other workers. She is also the only one who her uncle sends to the Grizzlies MC shop when he needs one of the vehicles fixed. Sally has one of the trucks in the shop. Roman, the mechanic who worked on the truck, is the one who takes her back and shows her what was fixed. Right then and there he takes her virginity in the truck and she absolutely loves it.

Roman warns her that he never gets with the same woman twice. But with her, he’s hooked. They spend a great week together before he ends up having to do some “club business”. (Let’s just say this excuse is used a lot.) She doesn’t hear from him for a week and decides to go to the clubhouse. One of the older members gives her an address where she can write to him in jail. But she doesn’t write. Two years he’s in there. That means two years she doesn’t hear from him and two years he doesn’t hear from her.

It takes a couple weeks after he gets out before she goes to the clubhouse. There’s something he needs to know and she’s not really sure how he’ll take it. I’m sure you can all guess what that means. Yep, she was pregnant and had his child. But Roman wants nothing to do with her. He ends up walking away from her without her telling him about his son. She yells at him and throws a beer bottle at him that barely misses him and then she walks out of the clubhouse.

They are thrust back together when her cousin shows her a hidden bunker on their land that the drug cartels are using to store stuff. The Grizzlies have been having problems with the cartel so Sally goes to Blackjack, the president. He agrees to help with security on the farm and to help find anymore bunkers on the land. Things are going okay until Roman walks in on Beam and Sally one day. Rules were that NO members were supposed to be in the house for any reason. Roman flips at seeing one of his brothers with his woman even though he hasn’t said anything to her since they both walked away. Roman throws Beam out and then hears the baby crying. He takes off upstairs where the cries are coming from and then he realizes the truth.

Sally is thrust into the MC life after Roman makes her pack a bag of stuff for her and Caleb, the baby. But what happens after she is forced from the family farm? Who all lives and dies? Who is the traitor in the club and who almost takes the fall for the traitor with no one believing him?


I LOVED reading this book. Romance, erotica, badassery. All in one book. This book will DEFINITELY leave you needing either a cold shower or your own romp in the sheets! I’ve heard of the author, Nicole Snow, before but hadn’t read any of her books until now. I will definitely be keeping her as a too read author!


325 pages

$0.99 on Kindle

Free with KU


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At His Service (A Playboys of Boston Novel) by Suzanne Rock

At His Service

I received this book in a prize pack I won from Night Owl Reviews. 🙂


Karin Norell is an intern at the Palazzo hotel in Boston, owned by the Perconti family. She used to work at a hotel owned by Stone Enterprises and was dating the man who owned them. But she found out he was cheating on her and she left after quitting her internship there. After talking to her professor, they got her the job at the Palazzo. Once she graduates, she wishes to manage hotels and run them.

Karen’s day starts out bad. Several people from housekeeping have called in so she is forced to grab a cart and head up the penthouse that belongs to the Perconti’s. Leo Perconti, the one in charge of all of the Perconti family holdings, is going to be arriving to go over the books with his brother who runs the hotel. The numbers just aren’t adding up and Leo wants to get to the bottom of it.

After being caught in the Perconti penthouse when she should have long been gone and after witnessing a conversation between Leo and another brother, she ends up in more trouble than she bargained for. His brother had promised to send him a woman that would show him a good time. Leo mistakes Karin for that girl. After the real girl shows up, Karin escapes into an elevator wrapped in nothing more than a bed sheet. Luckily for her, Leo didn’t know that she worked for him so her job was safe, for the moment.

Things go from bad to worse. Leo likes Karin, which he isn’t sure he likes or not. After a scandalous photo of them having sex on the penthouse balcony appears in a paper, everyone is wanting to know who the maid is that is sleeping with the boss. Only the housekeeping manager knows as he is one of Karin’s best friends and she tells him everything.

Eventually, the staff want to go on strike and they do it right before Arianna Perconti’s wedding which is supposed to happen in the hotel. Karin is brought into the crossfire because she now had a new position as Leo’s personal assistant and was living in the penthouse with him and rarely was seen out of it. They wanted ALL contact between the two to stop and for Karin to assume her old position. So that’s what happened. Karin learned by watching the press conference that Leo would have nothing else to do with her.

But what do Karin and Leo really want? What do the rest of the Perconti siblings want and how can they help Leo when he tells them some things he’s been hiding from everyone for a long time?


This was a great book. I was captivated from start to finish and read it in a few days. (I would have read it in one but I was helping watch my best friends youngest and oldest kids as the middle one was in the hospital for a week.) I honestly loved reading this book and will be checking into more books from Suzanne Rock as soon as possible. Her writing style is one that I like and is easy to get lost in the words and imagine you’re seeing it while reading it. Highly recommend this book to readers of romance and/or erotica.


389 pages

$7.99 Kindle

$7.99 Mass Market Paperback


Thrill Me (Do Not Disturb #2) by Isabel Sharpe

Thrill Me - Isabel Sharpe


May has just been dumped by her boyfriend, Dan. While working, she is enticed by a client of one of her bosses. He wants to meet her at HUSH hotel and have a week of fun filled bedroom activities. He pays for May to get to New York and he pays all the expenses at the hotel. May boards the airplane and goes to New York. While on the train afterwards, she notices that Trevor isn’t in their agreed upon compartment and she thinks it’s for the best that they not meet until the hotel anyways. She arrives and checks in followed by going up to the room.

She checks the voicemail and realizes that Trevor has an unspecified unavoidable appointment that he couldn’t get away from but he would appreciate her staying the week anyways. She calls her friend Ginny who convinces her to stay the week and enjoy herself. Going to the bar that night, she meets Beck Desmond, an author. He asks her a personal question, for research for his book, and she says she’ll think about it. Later, she decides she’s going to go ahead and do it.

Things heat up between Beck and May during the week. She was acting like someone she wasn’t during part of it but she opens up to him and he doesn’t back down from her. In a four or five day time period, they both fall in love with each other. But will it survive Dan showing up at the hotel and jealous ex’s of Beck’s?


This was a good book. My grandma gave me the paperback book to read because she’s read it before. She likes passing on her books to others to read when she’s finished. I’m glad I took this one and read it. And oh my. A few of those parts were hot and steamy. LOVED this book. (I wish something like this would happen to me. LOL)


244 pages

$3.99 Kindle

Starting at $2.08 Paperback

Starting at $0.01 Mass Market Paperback (This is the version that I have.)

I paid: Gift from grandma

Resisting the Biker (The Biker #1) by Cassie Alexandra


“Resisting the Biker” is the first book in “The Biker” series by Cassie Alexandra.

We start out by reading a horrible act that is done to Jessica. She is raped by a guy in a motorcycle club. She doesn’t recognize the patches but she is able to describe them to the police and her mother who in turn tells her boyfriend who is the president of a local motorcycle club.

From there, we follow Adriana. Adriana is twenty-one years old and her best friend, Krystal is just turning twenty-one. They stop by the motorcycle clubs main house before they hit up the clubs. Everyone there knows that Krystal is off limits as she belongs to the president of the Gold Viper’s son. Adriana, however, isn’t patched or claimed by anyone. Breaker, a guy from a different motorcycle club who is visiting, takes it upon himself to try and get into Adriana’s pants. This isn’t a good idea because it only pisses off Tank (the president’s son) and his best friend, Raptor.

Raptor acts like she is his to keep her safe and to make Breaker back off. She catches on quickly and acts like they are together. Raptor carries Adriana into the back of the clubhouse and then sets her down. Krystal and Tank go into another room and they listen to them having sex. Raptor likes the flush of Adriana’s cheeks when he embarrassing her so he keeps making her blush. Before she and Krystal leave to go clubbing, he programs his name and number into her phone.

She thinks that she won’t ever need it, but she does. That night. And she’s thankful she could call someone. He goes and picks her up from the rest stop she was abandoned at and takes her back to his house. She spends the night and then he takes her home the next morning. Adriana likes him but she knows that he’s nothing but trouble and so is the motorcycle club he’s with.

Things go from bad to worse. Breaker starts following Adriana and scares the hell out of her, which pisses Raptor off more than what he already was. Krystal ends up missing and while Adriana and Raptor are at the police station, a tip comes in that Krystal was found. Dead. The motor cycle club knows who killed Krystal and they run the offending motorcycle club out of town.


This book is a good read. I started reading it and didn’t quit until after 4 am. I read this book straight through and enjoyed all of it. This book will  make you think you are actually there while reading it. You can visualize the story happening while reading it. I highly recommend this book to other readers.


316 pages

Amazon Price: Free

Price I Paid: Free

Stepbrother Revealed by Stephanie Brother


“Stepbrother Revealed” was a good read.

Sienna HATES flying. She doesn’t like the airplane that she’s on because she thinks it is too rickety. Luckily there isn’t anyone sitting next to her so she won’t be forced to interact with anyone on the flight. Just as the flight attendant was getting ready to shut the door, to Sienna’s dismay, the last person boards. And his seat is right next to her. She is forthright with him and tells him that she’s no good with planes and to leave her alone.

But Chase doesn’t listen. They start talking. They’re both going to the same island. And they’re both attending a wedding. They start talking and Chase asks her on a date. Sienna decides that she is up for some fun for her mini vacation that she’s having. So she says yes. When they get bto the place where Chase is staying, he gives her a few good orgasms.

But then things get weird. People show up early that weren’t supposed to be there until the next day. Sienna leaves and goes to her hotel, resolving the fact that things aren’t going to work out in her favor because they never do. So she pushes Chase out of her mind and gets the shock of a lifetime on that weekend trip!


A good read. But you can see the setup coming. But it’s fun to read and learn how slowly they discover their connection


55 pages on Kindle

Normal Price: 99 cents

I paid: 99 cents

Ties that Bind (Bellum Sisters #3) by TA Grey

ties that bind

This is book number three in the Bellum Sisters series. Book one is about Chloe while book two is about Willow. Both are Lily’s older sisters and they are twins. Lily is the youngest of the three sisters.

Lily’s story starts with her copy of the will. She is commanded to Telal Demuzi, a demon. She doesn’t mind being his as much as her sisters hated going to Tyrian and Lyonis at first.

Lily just turned 29. This was the day she was to be commanded to Telal Demuzi. She is with her sisters and their mates and friends at her house in Louisiana. They are all outside playing football when Draven, one of the Atal warriors, cheats and uses his powers. Lily decides to use magic but he beats her to the ball and wins for his team. She doesn’t quit running and tackles him to the ground, sitting on his chest afterwards.

They open presents. She receives a lingerie set from Chloe, a snow globe and boxing gloves from Willow, a dagger from Draven, a leather bound book from Draven’s mate Lucinda and a “true” charm bracelet that her friend Rosa el Blanco charmed herself to help protect her.

Lily tends to have dreams of the future. There is a 50 percent chance of it being right and a 50 percent chance of it being wrong. Her dreams have been growing darker lately so after everyone leaves she sets about making a potion for herself to help protect her.

Telal was NOT happy about becoming Lily’s mate and protector. He didn’t want anything to do with her and wanted her to stay far away. Kearnyn walked into his study and they port to Tyrian’s castle to have a meeting. Telal was reminded of Lily’s upcoming birthday by Tyrian as he tells him they celebrated it early. This causes Telal to wonder why they celebrated a month early but Tyrian doesn’t know. Tyrian did mention he was surprised the Telal hadn’t been invited. He had been….he’d been receiving letters from her daily for around eight or nine months before then.

Lily is a risk-taker. She drives a motorcycle and ends up running into the back of a car which sends her flying through the air. She wakes up in the hospital to find her boots missing and then while looking for them, she ends up with a broken nose from a nurse opening the door and hitting her with it. After escaping from the hospital, she goes to Telal’s where she is told to turn around that she doesn’t have an appointment.

Lily being Lily, decides to get past her guards. This only results in a not so warm welcome to a rifle butt in the head.

This is as good of a book as the others. Want to know what happens after this point? Get the books and read them!

$2.99 on Kindle

538 pages

Bonds of Fire (The Bellum Sisters #2) by T.A Grey

bonds of fire

This is the second book in the Bellum Sisters series. This book focuses on the other twin, Willow Bellum. The first book was about Chloe Bellum.

The book opens with Willow’s copy of the will that pertained to her. She was commanded to Alpha Lyonis Keelan, the alpha of all shape-shifters. Like Chloe, Willow does not want to go with him or be with him.

Chloe’s demon is dead from the first book. Now there is another demon that is after Willow. The demon arises from a pit close to Willow’s hiding place and she takes of running away from it. Compared to the demon, she would rather have the alpha.

Now remember, Willow and her sisters are succubi. So instead of sitting through the “birds and the bees” talk, they had to sit through a “different ways to have sex to survive the rest of your life” talk that was embarrassing for them and their father.

Lyonis had already found Willow once but she out-smarted him and got away. She started leaving items of clothing around to throw him off her trail but it really wasn’t working. While on the search for Willow, he noticed the demon scent and knew immediately to contact Tyrian as his warriors were the ones responsible for keeping the demons in the rift.

What all happens between this point in the book and the end? I can assure you, PLENTY happens. Enough to keep you reading until it’s over!

$2.99 on Kindle

474 pages

Chains of Frost (Bellum Sisters #1) by T.A Grey

chains of frost

his book focuses on Chloe Bellum, the oldest of the three sisters. There are other books for Willow, her twin and Lily, her youngest sister. I should probably mention that they are succubi so some of their actions make sense in the books.

The story opens with the three sisters reading their part of the will that was left by their father, Francis Bellum. Each of their copies is the same except the name of the person they were left too as well as the house they each owned now.

Chloe was left to Tyrian en Kulev, the leader of the Atal Warriors. He is a vampire as are most of the warriors under his command with a few exceptions. Along with being commanded to him, she was left the Colorado cabin since she loved the snow. Lily, Chloe and Willow did NOT want to go with these men. So Lily comes up with an idea to keep the men away. They are going to perform a spell.

They leave right away to travel to a location on the Prime Meridian. Unbeknownst to them, they are going to end up summoning a demon. The demon emerges from a pit close to where they are and they all take off running.

Tyrian sends his three best warriors to fetch Chloe on her 29th birthday. What was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab, turned into a six hour shift of trying to find her. They scent her at the Colorado cabin but not at the house in Florida or Wisconsin. They track her credit card to London and they transport there. 

When they arrive, they see the demon making a bunch of noise. Chloe and Lily were awake and saw the demon. Willow had taken off earlier in the night to try and get a head start on running from her “man”.

Henry fought the demon while Draven and Rayn went inside and got Chloe. They ended up fighting her and Lily as neither wanted to go. They left Lily as they were only after Chloe. They grab Henry who takes Chloe even though he is injured and they go back to Tyrian’s castle.

All this action happens in the first 3 chapters!! This book is packed full of action and adventure in it.

Free on Kindle

322 pages

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