Ties that Bind (Bellum Sisters #3) by TA Grey

ties that bind

This is book number three in the Bellum Sisters series. Book one is about Chloe while book two is about Willow. Both are Lily’s older sisters and they are twins. Lily is the youngest of the three sisters.

Lily’s story starts with her copy of the will. She is commanded to Telal Demuzi, a demon. She doesn’t mind being his as much as her sisters hated going to Tyrian and Lyonis at first.

Lily just turned 29. This was the day she was to be commanded to Telal Demuzi. She is with her sisters and their mates and friends at her house in Louisiana. They are all outside playing football when Draven, one of the Atal warriors, cheats and uses his powers. Lily decides to use magic but he beats her to the ball and wins for his team. She doesn’t quit running and tackles him to the ground, sitting on his chest afterwards.

They open presents. She receives a lingerie set from Chloe, a snow globe and boxing gloves from Willow, a dagger from Draven, a leather bound book from Draven’s mate Lucinda and a “true” charm bracelet that her friend Rosa el Blanco charmed herself to help protect her.

Lily tends to have dreams of the future. There is a 50 percent chance of it being right and a 50 percent chance of it being wrong. Her dreams have been growing darker lately so after everyone leaves she sets about making a potion for herself to help protect her.

Telal was NOT happy about becoming Lily’s mate and protector. He didn’t want anything to do with her and wanted her to stay far away. Kearnyn walked into his study and they port to Tyrian’s castle to have a meeting. Telal was reminded of Lily’s upcoming birthday by Tyrian as he tells him they celebrated it early. This causes Telal to wonder why they celebrated a month early but Tyrian doesn’t know. Tyrian did mention he was surprised the Telal hadn’t been invited. He had been….he’d been receiving letters from her daily for around eight or nine months before then.

Lily is a risk-taker. She drives a motorcycle and ends up running into the back of a car which sends her flying through the air. She wakes up in the hospital to find her boots missing and then while looking for them, she ends up with a broken nose from a nurse opening the door and hitting her with it. After escaping from the hospital, she goes to Telal’s where she is told to turn around that she doesn’t have an appointment.

Lily being Lily, decides to get past her guards. This only results in a not so warm welcome to a rifle butt in the head.

This is as good of a book as the others. Want to know what happens after this point? Get the books and read them!

$2.99 on Kindle

538 pages

Bonds of Fire (The Bellum Sisters #2) by T.A Grey

bonds of fire

This is the second book in the Bellum Sisters series. This book focuses on the other twin, Willow Bellum. The first book was about Chloe Bellum.

The book opens with Willow’s copy of the will that pertained to her. She was commanded to Alpha Lyonis Keelan, the alpha of all shape-shifters. Like Chloe, Willow does not want to go with him or be with him.

Chloe’s demon is dead from the first book. Now there is another demon that is after Willow. The demon arises from a pit close to Willow’s hiding place and she takes of running away from it. Compared to the demon, she would rather have the alpha.

Now remember, Willow and her sisters are succubi. So instead of sitting through the “birds and the bees” talk, they had to sit through a “different ways to have sex to survive the rest of your life” talk that was embarrassing for them and their father.

Lyonis had already found Willow once but she out-smarted him and got away. She started leaving items of clothing around to throw him off her trail but it really wasn’t working. While on the search for Willow, he noticed the demon scent and knew immediately to contact Tyrian as his warriors were the ones responsible for keeping the demons in the rift.

What all happens between this point in the book and the end? I can assure you, PLENTY happens. Enough to keep you reading until it’s over!

$2.99 on Kindle

474 pages

Chains of Frost (Bellum Sisters #1) by T.A Grey

chains of frost

his book focuses on Chloe Bellum, the oldest of the three sisters. There are other books for Willow, her twin and Lily, her youngest sister. I should probably mention that they are succubi so some of their actions make sense in the books.

The story opens with the three sisters reading their part of the will that was left by their father, Francis Bellum. Each of their copies is the same except the name of the person they were left too as well as the house they each owned now.

Chloe was left to Tyrian en Kulev, the leader of the Atal Warriors. He is a vampire as are most of the warriors under his command with a few exceptions. Along with being commanded to him, she was left the Colorado cabin since she loved the snow. Lily, Chloe and Willow did NOT want to go with these men. So Lily comes up with an idea to keep the men away. They are going to perform a spell.

They leave right away to travel to a location on the Prime Meridian. Unbeknownst to them, they are going to end up summoning a demon. The demon emerges from a pit close to where they are and they all take off running.

Tyrian sends his three best warriors to fetch Chloe on her 29th birthday. What was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab, turned into a six hour shift of trying to find her. They scent her at the Colorado cabin but not at the house in Florida or Wisconsin. They track her credit card to London and they transport there. 

When they arrive, they see the demon making a bunch of noise. Chloe and Lily were awake and saw the demon. Willow had taken off earlier in the night to try and get a head start on running from her “man”.

Henry fought the demon while Draven and Rayn went inside and got Chloe. They ended up fighting her and Lily as neither wanted to go. They left Lily as they were only after Chloe. They grab Henry who takes Chloe even though he is injured and they go back to Tyrian’s castle.

All this action happens in the first 3 chapters!! This book is packed full of action and adventure in it.

Free on Kindle

322 pages

Twists and Curves (Infinite Curves #1) by Georgia Stockholm

twists and curves

Asher just returned home. She graduated from college and went on to another university to further her education. Things went wrong for her and she ends up back at home with her father.

Her best friend, Gabriel, talks her into going to a party. Her high school crush is going to be there and he’s recently single. So she agrees to go along to the party.

Asher is short with a few curves and an excellent top half. She thinks she looks good from the front but hates the way she looks when people see her from the side.

Dylan and Asher leave the party and end up going on a walk to talk. What happens after this point?



A SHORT but good story. A little bit of romance to go along in this book.


Free on Kindle

38 pages

A Wolf’s Embrace (Alpha Lust #1) by Ashley Spector

alpha lust

Celia learned of her father’s death. Her mother forbade her from returning to her hometown for the funeral. Celia didn’t listen and returned anyways, lying to her mother saying she was going to stay with a friend and concocted a cover story with her friend.

After the funeral, when everyone was milling around the funeral home, a set of strong hands clamp down on her shoulders and they feel strangely familiar to her. She turns around and sees her childhood friend and boyfriend, Gray standing there. And he doesn’t look too pleased about her being there. They end up getting into a fight after her grandmother and the other attendees leave.

Gray wants her to leave. Says she never should have returned. That her mother had assured him that she would never return. That she had agreed to stay away. This only ends up making Celia seriously mad. She ends up at one of the three bars in town where she runs into Herman, her father’s friend. His son, Corey comes in a while later.

Corey and Celia end up having a fling that night. Gray finds her a couple days later at her grandmothers house and is PISSED about something that Corey did to her. He storms out of the house and returns later only to kidnap her and take her away.

What happened to make Celia leave her hometown? Why didn’t Gray want her to come back? What did Corey do to her? Why does Gray kidnap her?



This was a good erotic story. It will definitely get you turned on while reading it!


Free on Kindle

41 pages

The Sexperiment by Cassie Church


Cassie and Travis are leaving the the club. They make it to the truck and have it warming up when they start talking as they wait on Cassie’s friend Zoe to join them. They get hot and heavy in the truck when she opens the door. They keep talking as they take Zoe home.

One thing leads to another and before you know it, things are sparking from all directions. Are they good sparks? Bad sparks? Indifferential sparks?



This was an okay book. Short but okay.


Free on Kindle

11 pages

Rapine: Abducted by the Billionaire (Trophy Wife #1) by Charlotte Rose

rapine 1

I’ve read this book before but didn’t write a review about it. So now I just re-read it and will leave a review. 🙂

This story starts out with Cheryl and Derek. They are engaged. Derek does not allow Cheryl to work. BTW, he is a billionaire. He transfers money to Cheryl’s bank account each month so she can pamper herself and make herself look the best she can for him. In return, he only wants her to please him sexually. Cheryl has breakfast, brunch or lunch with her friends daily.

Her friends are both married to billionaire’s as well so they all take turns in paying for their outings. While out one night at a night club, a stranger approaches them. He shows interest in Cheryl who politely declines him. This doesn’t stick with him though. He starts tracking her whereabouts and runs into her a few more times. His name is Julian.

Derek and Cheryl goes to Las Vegas for New Years Eve. She wakes up on New Years day with a massive hang over. She heads to go down to the concierge to get some Advil when she thinks better of the idea and goes to return to her room. Lo and behold, who does she run into? That’s right fans. She runs into Julian. He offers her some Advil and water and she accepts it. He grabs her and forces her into his room where she struggles against him. Derek sees this. He gets severely pissed off and kicks the door in.

Ensue the major violence going on between the boys. Julian wins and knocks Derek out cold. He then makes Cheryl black out and he kidnaps her. He takes her to his home but he doesn’t hurt her. He wants her to trust him. He explains everything to her and wishes for her to stay there voluntarily. (To find out if she stays or goes, you’re going to have to read the book. 🙂 )

A great read. Definitely not for people who don’t like/read erotica as there are MANY spots throughout the book with erotica in it. 🙂

$4.99 Kindle

273 pages

The Captured Scientist #1 by Ashley Thompson


Joanna is a scientist in her forties. She is working to make a computer brained bacteria. She loves her work so much that she only gets a couple hours of sleep a night, provided she doesn’t stay up for days on end.

James, the third shift security guard, convinces her to go home and get some good rest. She leaves the lab and as soon as she reaches her car, she is kidnapped. Her captor blindfolds her, undressed her and bathes her. For a long time the blindfold stays on. He removes it when she correctly guesses who he is.

She also doesn’t have the use of her hands. Lance frees her eventually and she starts learning the rules of being a submissive. He is her master and she is his slave. He decides it is finally time for her to leave that room. Her co-workers, who think she’s been on a year long vacation and is retiring, throw her a retirement party. It seems that while she was locked up she invented something and the whole team got credit for it. Credit in the amount of ten million dollars each!

Joanna thinks Lance is letting her go permanently and she doesn’t think she can bare that idea. What is the outcome? Does Lance let her go or does he keep her as his slave?

$2.99 on Kindle

69 pages

One Letter (One Soldier #1) by Christin Lovell

one letter


One Letter is the first book in the One Soldier series by Christin Lovell. So far there are three books in the series. I don’t know if there will be more than that or not. I currently have all three in this series.

Kellie Patrick is a curvy woman. One day she decides to send a letter to a soldier in the war as she heard it really helps them while they are there. Sergeant Daniel Rodriguez is the lucky one to end up with her letter. They send letters back and forth for a few years before they finally meet.

Daniel was going to Savannah, Georgia where Kellie lived. She wasn’t expecting him for another day but he shows up a day early, taking her and her friend Hannah by surprise. Hannah subtly threatens Kellie to answer the door or she’ll open it herself. Kellie reluctantly opens the door, having second doubts. She’s a bigger girl, he’s a ripped soldier. Why would he possibly be interested in her?

Hannah erases herself from the equation after introducing herself to Daniel. She leaves and that means that Kellie and Daniel are left alone. But how does this first meeting turn out?


Christin Lovell is a new author to me. A friend shared her Amazon page and I went to it. Almost all of her books were free when I went so I have a huge collection of her books now, including a few series.

This book was a good first choice for me to read by her, in my opinion. What girl doesn’t fantasize about meeting a hot military guy and hitting it off? I know I do. (Admits it open-heartedly.)

Kellie is a wonderful character in this book as is Daniel. They are both typical “american” characters and could pass as you and I. A good start to a series.


Received free on promo. $2.99 at time of this posting

47 pages

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