It’s a Waverly Life (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson 2) by Maria Murnane

It's a Waverly Life (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson Book 2) by [Murnane, Maria]

Amazon Description: Readers first met the irrepressible Waverly Bryson in Perfect on Paper, and now the woman dubbed by fans “the American Bridget Jones” is back in a sequel packed with friendship, heartache, and romance.

The formerly heartbroken singleton is now happily enmeshed in a new relationship, a new job, and a new decade. Her career as an advice columnist is taking off, and the future of her fledgling greeting-card line is bright. Of course, where Waverly goes, drama is sure to follow, and this time is no exception. Her broken engagement has left her gun-shy when it comes to love, putting strain on her long-distance relationship with handsome Jake McIntyre. And when her best friends both make life-changing announcements, Waverly fears she is being left behind by the ones she loves most.

In true Waverly fashion, things must get comically worse before they can get better. But in the end, she discovers that though life (before and after thirty) may be messy and unpredictable, friendship and love make it all worthwhile.

It’s a Waverly Life is the 2nd book in the (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson series by author Maria Murnane.

This book is just as good as the first, if not better. Waverly is still a hot mess but in a good way. Andie and Makenna are still awesome. We still have several of the people from the first book making appearances and a few new people as well. My favorite person has got to be Andie and her tell it like it is attitude.

Waverly and Jake are still friends and possibly more but things go from bad to worse to who the hell knows what before we finally realize what the heck is going on. Throw into the mix a bunch of misunderstandings, a few wrong timings and you have the recipes for disaster.

Andie, Makenna and Scott are all there for Waverly as she needs their help a lot as well as a couple new people. The characters in this series could EASILY be based off of ordinary people like you and I. (Kinda makes me wonder if anything mentioned has happened to the author. 😉 )

At about 275 pages, this book is the perfect length for everything that needs to be covered. And that’s a lot coming from me. I ALWAYS want more pages in a book but this book is the right length.

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Perfect on Paper (The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson #1) by Maria Murnane

perfect on paper


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Waverly Bryson is supposed to be getting married in two weeks. Her best friends, Mackie and Andie (McKenna and Andrea) are both by her side while trying on her dress. Her fiancee shows up and breaks up with her saying they rushed into it. So she spins into a sort of depression before her friends start to drag her out of it. Her fiancee’s pet name for her has been Honey and she starts writing down these different sentiments that could be on cards.

Waverly works for a marketing company that is sports oriented. She is the main manager over their biggest account. Her and her associate, Kent, are leaving to go to a PR function in Atlanta. There’s a new girl in their division and something just rubs her the wrong way about the new girl. Turns out it was a misjudgment on her part but we don’t learn that until towards the end of the book. (But in Waverly’s defense, the chick does seem to show up at unopportune times and appear to be making trouble but she really isn’t.)

At the event, Waverly meets a cute guy name Jake McIntyre who works with one of the companies represented at the show. But, embarrassing to her as it is, she runs away from him, hoping to not see him again. Instead, she runs into him a few days later at the big celebration party when the super show is over with. And to top it off, he mentions the embarrassing accident that happens. She is already three sheets to the wind after drinking several rookies and ends up hightailing it away from him in order to lose her dinner and the drinks.

She thinks she won’t see him again but he keeps popping up. Waverly ends up deciding to submit her Honey Notes to different card distributors. All of them write back saying they aren’t what they were looking for but she does end up getting a call from one place. Andie had submitted them through her cousin and the place loved them. They call her in for an initial interview to get to know each other and by the end of it, they are working on distribution, creation, press releases, tours, blogs and so much more.

Waverly finally has it all right? Wrong. She doesn’t have the man but she’s working on that. She attends People’s charity auction that they are doing and she is one of the top 50 hottest people on their list to be auctioned off. The auction goes great and she sells for $5,000, half of what the top seller went for. When it comes time for the dates after the auction, her date was called away on an emergency. So they scheduled the date for the next night via the PR lady from People magazine.

She is SHOCKED to see who it turns out to be.


I absolutely loved reading this book. I was laughing through parts of this and if you read the book, I’m sure you can figure out where. This book is definitely a keeper and I will be rereading it in the future. The other books in the series are going on my wishlist on Amazon to be purchased when I have a chance, hopefully in the NEAR future. (Have I mentioned I have almost 300 books on my wishlists?!)

The characters are hilarious and some of the situations they find themselves in make you wonder about people (even if they are fictional). This book by Maria Murnane was great and I recommend you stop what you’re doing and go get this book. Waverly Bryson and crew will NOT disappoint you!

There is so much going on in this book that what I wrote above doesn’t even cover HALF of it. And no, it’s not a fast paced, one event leads to another, no time to rest kind of book. The events and everything in between flow nicely together and is well thought out and put together.


353 page

$3.99 on Amazon


Husband Wanted: Will Train (Destiny Bay Baby Dreams #1) by Helen Conrad

husband wanted

Charity is in a bind. Her brother, Mason, decided to tell their Aunt that she was married. Charity, Mason and their sister Faith were raised by their aunt after their parents were arrested and went to prison. She needed to find a solution to this and fast. When Mason had told her, Charity hadn’t contradicted him so the problem was just as much her fault as it was his.

Charity called a temp agency hoping to hire someone for the duration of her aunt’s visit, not really thinking everything through. When she called, Ross Carrington, answered the phone. His sister, who owned the agency, was on lunch and her secretary was away from her desk. When he realized whom the caller was, he had to take on the job himself. Only he couldn’t use his real name. He used his mother’s maiden name when he told Charity who to expect.

He showed up at her house but she thought that he was one of Mason’s friends who was supposed to pick Mason up. She let him in but when he tried to tell her who he was, she just talked over him and didn’t listen. The first few days that her aunt is in town are very eventful. Faith and two of her friends show up at her apartment. Then Mason comes back home. Mason and one of Faith’s friends leave together, but he takes her back to her parents in Colorado. Faith had brainwashed her.

Her aunt finds a picture of Ross on the front page of the paper about one of his big deals. She says the paper made a mistake by using his picture that they must look similar. That’s when Charity realizes who he is and is furious.

What happens from that point on? Are Charity and Ross really in love? Do they make it past the visit and continue on to a real relationship? Do they go their separate ways when the visit is done?

Free on Kindle

168 pages

Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone by Becky Blades


Some of the things in it made me laugh my butt off. This book started when her oldest daughter went off to college. She sent her daughter an email with a bunch of different things to remember and her daughter told her to take her own advice on one of the points and write everything down.

Becky did just that and ended up with this book in time for her second daughter to go to college. Some of the points are obvious things that most tend to forget. Others are not so obvious.

Some things from the book:

#58: Don’t sit on aluminum bleachers in a lightning storm.

#83: Own a boa and a tutu. Because you just never know.

#130: Some rules are meant to be broken. Laws are not.

#153: Read the instructions. 

The only problem I had with this book, and I don’t know if it’s because of the layout on my computer screen, is that some of them were cut off while others overlapped each other. So it made a few of them hard to read.

The Kindle edition is $5.49 while the print edition is discounted to $11.12 right now. Normally $13.99.

160 pages

The Queen of Minor Disasters by Antonietta Mariottini


The story opens with Stella daydreaming at work. She is a hostess at one of her parents two restaurants. Stella is in a relationship with Drew and they have been together for three years. Drew was supposed to come to the restaurant that night. When he doesn’t show up, she calls him. He is stuck at work.

Stella doesn’t like being away from him so she decides to go to his apartment in the city a few days later. She lets herself in and looks around. She spots a Tiffany’s engagement ring catalog under a pile of mail and is instantly excited. She’s been waiting for this day for a while.

She makes his favorite pasta for dinner. He arrives home from work and they sit down to dinner. Drew breaks the news to her that she isn’t right for him. She grabs her things and leaves. Instead of going back home, she goes to her friends house and spends the night there.

The next day, along with her soon to be sister-in-law Gina, they devise a plan to get him back. Stella eventually strays from the plan and ruins everything. Her parents try to set her up with a guy from her childhood but she rebels at every turn.

The night before her twenty-eighth birthday, the restaurant is short staffed. She is working as a waitress while her mother acts as the hostess. Roberto and his family are sat in her section. Roberto is nice to her and flirting while she is a tad rude to him. The next morning, after her morning run, she runs into Roberto and agrees to go on a date with him.

Does she back out? Does she go? What happens between them? What happens in this story that I’ve left out. Get your copy on Kindle to find out.

$2.99  on Kindle

245 pages

(I got this one free)

The Billionaire’s Hotline (Men of the Capital #1) by Cara Nelson


Jasper is a CEO and owner of a business. He doesn’t like wasting his time. So instead of dating the normal way, he has disposable phones bought and handed out to people who he thinks he’s looking for: blonde, tanned, toned and unoriginal.

Becca fits this description but doesn’t want the phone. So she gives it to someone close to her. When Jasper texts the phone that was supposed to be Becca’s, he ends up with a startling surprise. The person on the receiving end of the phone, isn’t who he was expecting to show up.

What does Jasper do now? What does the person who Becca gave the phone too? How many lives are ruined by this method of “dating”?


This is the first book by Cara Nelson that I have read. I must admit that I like her writing style. This was a good read. I just wish it had been longer


99 cents on Kindle

92 pages