Ticket to Die (Southern Ghosts #2) by Elaine Calloway

Ticket to Die

Amazon Description: Amanda Moss never asked for anything—especially the ability to see and hear souls who have passed on. This family “gift” is anything but. All she wants is a normal life, a chance to pursue the artistic career of her dreams: restoring old carousels. When her boyfriend Jake invites her to Zephyr Land—the abandoned amusement park—she jumps at the chance to photograph and analyze the old Victorian carousel not open to the general public. Her findings will land her the apprenticeship she wants—even if she has to talk to a few ghosts along the way.

Jake Mercer, engineer extraordinaire, knows the college professor’s mantra all too well: Publish or Perish. To gain a promotion at his Georgia University, he must uncover something no other engineer has been able to answer. The secrets behind why the roller coaster derailed at Zephyr Land seems an ideal choice, a great opportunity to advance his career.

But when Amanda and Jake arrive at Zephyr Land, things become complicated. Jake discovers the roller coaster derailment wasn’t an accident—it was sabotage. Amanda learns those souls who remain bound to the park will use everything in their power to destroy her life until she helps bring their killer to justice. Only one problem: the villain who sent those souls plummeting to their death ten years ago is still alive and well, and he will soon return to tie up loose ends.

Amanda and Jake are on the way to an abandoned amusement park. Amanda is supposed to check the carousel and recommend the best way to restore it to it’s original state and all the repairs it needs. It was through Jake’s contractor that’s she’s permitted to do this. They’ve only been dating a little over a month and haven’t spent the night together so this is going to be an experiment of sorts for them. This abandoned amusement park, Zephyr Land,  happens to be in a town called Abandon as well. As we learn, Amanda can talk to ghosts much to her dislike.  Turns out she isn’t the only one with powers. Jake has powers as well that allow him to pick locks and bend them to his will.

We learn that Jake is there to investigate on why the roller coaster derailed and killed a bunch of riders about ten years before. Amanda is creeped out by the park but doesn’t want to interfere with Jake’s investigation and she also doesn’t want to mess up her opportunity as well. Things are okay in the beginning and then they start to go from okay to worse in a quick moment.


This was a good read. I was attracted to the cover but the description is what really pulled me in. I haven’t read many books with ghosts in them that I have liked but I’m glad to say that this one made it on my like list. The characters are likable and the descriptions of the places and items are lifelike and believable.  The author, Elaine Calloway, is an author that I’ve heard of but hadn’t read before. Since this is the second book in the series, and I hadn’t read the first and liked this so much, I went and purchased the first book! I can’t wait to read it as well and see what it has to offer.

(These are stand a lone books so reading out of order won’t matter)


354 pages

$4.99 on Kindle

(I received this book free via Smashwords in exchange for my honest review)


Trouble in Paradise by Lyle Howard

Trouble in Paradise

Amazon Description:

Even in Paradise things change…

All Cal Mackey wanted was to live out a peaceful existence and put his past in the rear view mirror. How better to live out his dream then to open a peaceful little bar in the Florida Keys? Far from the madness of war, Mackey lives his life on his own terms, mixing umbrella drinks for his customers and maintaining his anonymity.

But even in Paradise things change”…

Out of the darkness a mysterious ship docks behind The Paradise Shack and patrons begin to disappear.

What is the horrific secret that this vessel is carrying?

Now Mackey must rely on the set of skills he so desperately has tried to disavow. The conspiracy he will uncover will have more profound ramifications than just a few missing tourists. The ship’s purpose is more complex than he could ever imagine. A mission that is so unprecedented that Mackey will end up doubting his own loyalties.

No matter which side you find yourself rooting for, Trouble in Paradise will leave you wondering “what if?”


From the first chapter I knew this was going to be a good read. In the first chapter we have two brothers aboard the vessel Rosalita. They are joined by at least three mercenaries and are searching for what amounts to a ghost ship. There have been stories over the years of the Nocturne but no one has actually been able to find it. When they think they’ve found it, it just turns out to be another freighter. But for some reason, their equipment doesn’t recognize these freighters. All of a sudden, the ghost ship Nocturne shows up in front of the Rosalita and after some quick thinking they manage to avoid being hit and demolished by the MUCH larger vessel.

This book will have you wanting more from the first page. I wasn’t able to put it down until I finished it and it only took me a couple hours to read it, including interruptions from my daughter.


$3.99 on Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

227 pages

I purchased this book 9/14/15 while it was free on promo.

Almost Perfect by Orly Krauss-Winer

Almost Perfect

Orly Krauss-Winer is an author that is new to me. The cover of the book captured my attention. Before even reading the description of the book, I knew that this was one that I wanted to read.

Alona is arrested on suspicion of murder of her ex-lover who happened to also be a colleague. Nili, her best friend and fellow attorney, accompanies Alona to the police station after she is detained at the law offices where they work. Tamara, one of their fellow friends and colleagues, was the one that was in a relationship with the deceased. The others in the office, who strived to keep a family atmosphere, wanted to all make sure she was okay. But she blacked out.

Meanwhile, Alona and Nili are at the police station where the chief is questioning Alona for a statement. He thinks that her answers are quite suspicious and it’s HIGHLY suspicious that the deceased was found in her car that was stolen but never reported so he arrests her. The officer in charge of the investigation works with Nili but not because he wants too. By her looking into the deceased past, she’s created a bit of a stir and has likely put herself in danger so he only works with her to keep her safe.


This book was a great read. It will have you stuck to the screen reading from page to page and chapter to chapter. the characters are likable and the story flows nicely. I am loving the writing style of the author. While the story takes place in Israel, a place I’ve never been too, the author creates such a great description that you can’t help but to feel as if you’re actually there in Tel Aviv.


$3.99 on Kindle

Free with Kindle Unlimited

$12.93 in Paperback

360 pages

***Please note that I received this book free in exchange for an honest review***

Barking Madness by Ryan Hill

Barking Madness

Rosetta has nightmares. Vivid nightmares. We open with her in a nightmare. Walking down a path in the forest surrounded by peaceful noises and a bright luminescent moon. Then things take a turn for the worse. A black figure is stalking her. When she is talking to the black figure, a wolf steps onto the path. She takes a step back as it steps towards her. This sets the wolf in motion and she turns and runs. Knowing she won’t outrun it, she throws herself to the ground. She wakes up when the dark figure bites into her neck, sucking her blood and killing her.

Rosetta, her mother, father and sister are moving because of a new job offer her father received. They are moving to a town called Ashwood. When she says something about it being dark her father tells her that the elementary school burned down years ago and a few kids died so they renamed everything, including the town.

They finally make it to their house and Rosetta is impressed. As is her sister, Emily. This new house is WAY bigger than the previous house in Florida. The layout is unique and each of them run up and down the stairs several times before choosing rooms because their previous house had no stairs in it. They were excited for a change.

Things get bad for Rosetta and her classmates quickly.


I liked this story. Rosetta could pass as anyone out in the world today. I am definitely liking the authors writing style and the characters and world building that’s done in this story. The story is set at a steady pace so it doesn’t feel like it’s taking forever to get to the action and the good parts. A great story from beginning to end.


644 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

(I received this book in pdf format free in exchange for an honest opinion.)

Fire in a Haystack (Legal Thriller #1) by Erez Aharoni

Fire in a Haystack

I received this book at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


Ofer Angel tends to be a trouble maker at school. Just the day before, his father was in the vice-principal’s office because he decided to moon some other students. His father didn’t yell at him or belittle him. Instead, they went out for pizza and had a nice day. Then before they separated ways his father slaps him across the face and tells him he needs to man up and quit acting like a child.

The next day, during a commotion in class dealing with a mouse, the vice-principal enters the room and requests for Ofer. He follows her and then she tells him that he needs to return home because there is something wrong with his father. He is escorted home and when he gets there, the apartment is packed. He learns of his father’s death. He overhears a few men talking and learns of his father doing some shady stuff. It was the shame of the shady dealings that led him to kill himself.

Fast forward ten years to the future. Ofer is now in his mid-twenties. He went to law school and is now an intern at a prestigious law firm. He is supposed to stay with a witness to a trail. The witness dismisses him and seeing no problem with leaving him alone, Ofer leaves. He waits in the hotel lobby for the witness, who happens to be one of the men he overheard talking about his father on the same day he perished.

Ofer gets a maid to open the room to the witnesses suite after bribing her with money and stating he’ll loose his job if he doesn’t get him there immediately. He stumbles around, not having a card to turn the light on. He turns over the witnesses suitcase and contents spill everywhere. The maid turns the lights on and they see the horror strung out before them. The man is in bed, naked with a female. Only problem is, the man is dead.


I loved reading this book. I’m a fan of thrillers but if you make it a legal thriller, it’s much better. I like how the author spun this story. And especially to bring a disease into it that hasn’t been around in a long time. The characters, mainly Ofer, are easy to relate to and to understand. The world that is created through this book is amazing and you can actually picture the events happening and seeing them in your minds eye while reading. A great story and one that will be staying in my collection for the foreseeable future!


375 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

One to Go by Mike Page

One to Go

I received this book in hardcover edition in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Tom Booker is an attorney. He’s running late one day to pick up his daughter and her friends to take them to a museum. He gets caught in the elevator by one of the senior partners who isn’t happy about him skipping out for a while on a Saturday, even though he says he’ll be back. He peels out of his parking spot and races to pick up his daughter and her friends, even though he knows he’s going to be late.

Deciding to do something stupid, he starts a text message while driving across a bridge. He ends up causing an accident and hits a van head on. In the van is his daughter and her friends. The van tips up and looks like it’s going to flip into the river below but everything pauses. Another truck is on fire but the flames and smoke are still. As Tom is trying to break into the van to get at least his daughter out and stop the van from flipping, two people run up to him.

They make a deal with him but he ends up thinking he’s crazy and imagined the deal. The scene is reset and the people in the van don’t die….at that moment. Two weeks later, the driver is brutally murdered. This throws him into action knowing that his daughter and her friends are next. This makes him come to terms of things he never thought he would have to resort too in his life.


I really enjoyed this book. I read it over a few days when I was able too. This is a unique book. I’ve read books before where similar deals were made but never where the person’s family was in jeopardy of dying. This pushes the main character to think faster and react much swifter than in the other books once he realizes it’s not an idle threat. This book is easily read and flows easily from one event into the next. Definitely a crime novel worth reading.


$7.99 Kindle

$20.31 Hardcover

313 pages

Phoenix by A.J. Scudiere


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Description: Jason Mondy’s world is unraveling.

He’s frustrated with his job.
And his most recent girlfriend has just walked out on him.
Even a simple trip home to find some rest leads his adoptive mother to
share a stunning secret she’s kept for over twenty-six years . . .

Jason has a brother he doesn’t remember existed.

Desperate and uncertain, Jason can only watch as
one by one the pieces of his life fall like dominoes.
The more he uncovers, the more everything he thought he knew
about himself and his past begins to turn to ash.

His truth isn’t true at all . . .


The book starts off with a memory of a fire that happened a day before. Jason comes home and freaks out because there’s hardly anything left in the apartment. He can’t find his girlfriend anywhere. Somewhere in his mind he recognizes that she left but he’s too tired to deal with it. He goes to bed and sleeps for 18 hours, being woke up at the end by his dreams of the fire. He goes to the store and then decides to check his messages from the past two days since he unplugged his phone. He has over SEVENTY messages, most of them being reporters with a few being other firemen from his firehouse and his friends.

He calls back one of his friends that happens to be a police officer. The officer doesn’t like Kelly, Jason’s ex that took everything and left with no warning. He takes Kelly’s information and promises to do everything in his power to get Jason’s stuff back, one way or another. Jason goes in to work the next day. The captain pulls him into the office. He has a stack of messages there from reporters who want to talk to him really bad. Jason doesn’t want to do it and points out that another firefighter, who was a female, had been there as well. She had received no calls for interviews. Everyone wanted him.

The captain lets on that there’s some trouble coming for the firehouse. Jason needs to do the interviews to put a good light on them. The captain won’t let Jason know what the impending trouble is. Only that it’s not related to their problem fireman who is always  late and whom everyone hates and distrusts.

When Jason returns home after shift, all his stuff was back. His tv, bed, game stuff. Everything he wanted was back. Even though his place wasn’t big, he checked to make sure everything was back and that Kelly hadn’t been vindictive and set some kind of trap somewhere. With that, he falls asleep watching tv.


All this is in the first chapter. The book gets better as it goes. I was enjoying reading this book. The characters are well-developed. Some of them seem like they could be fashioned after people the author really knows or has known. A great read!

The Demeter Code (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series #3) by Russell Brooks

The Demeter Code


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Here is the third book in the Ridley Fox and Nita Parris series by author Russell Brooks. We get more of a look at Nita as she is the main person in the first chapter of this book.

One of the people they are protecting decides to drop off the radar. He doesn’t meet them at the appointed time or place. This sends Nita into a flurry of activity trying to find him but he reaches out to her. She goes to retrieve him from his hotel room when he decides to NOT listen and leaves it before the floor is cleared. Nita takes out an assassin dressed as a maid before Weyland, her charge, takes off running in the opposite direction, towards the stairs. Nita is able to take out another assassin with Weyland’s help this time. They make it to the extraction team and get out of there.

The second chapter has us following a guy named Aubrey. We glimpse that he’s having money problems but not anymore. Turns out he sold company secrets for a large chunk of money. He paid off all his debts and still had a sizable portion left. He hopes the company never finds out but that delusion comes to an end when he gets home from work one night and it looks like a blackout. But it’s not. The neighbors all have power. His house is the only one that doesn’t. His wife isn’t answering her phone. He immediately knows something wrong. His suspicion is confirmed when  when he finds his wife tied to a chair.


All this happens in only the first two chapters. This book was the best book I have read by Russell Brooks. This book is packed full of action and adventure. It doesn’t seem like the different characters mesh at first but as the story goes, it becomes clear. Definitely a great series to read.


423 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

Chill Run by Russell Brooks

Chill Run

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. 🙂


I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Another Russell Brooks?”. The answer is yes, another Russell Brooks. This book is not part of the Ridley Fox series. I do have the next book in that series which is coming up next. 😉 hehe


We start off following Eddie in the prologue. He’s been shot in the shoulder. What was supposed to be a harmless stunt turned into anything but harmless. Three people were dead and he was shot along with his best friend. He is loaded into an ambulance and taken away.

The first chapter takes us back in time to four days before Eddie was shot. So we get to know what led up to him being shot and the harmless stunt that was supposed to take place. Turns out Eddie is in a heck of a spot. His girlfriend left him and he lost his job in the same day. His roommate was several weeks behind on the rent and whenever Eddie would say something to Corey, he’d just say that he’d get it. Eddie goes to the bar where Corey’s girlfriend, Jordyn, works and finds him slumped over. Jordyn’s replacement comes and the three of them leave and head to their favorite Jamaican restaurant.

Corey gives two opened envelopes to Eddie which he had been expecting. They are letters from a publisher and a an agency. You see, Eddie’s a writer and has submitted his book to agencies and publishers. These were the last two letters he was waiting on and both were denials. This upsets Eddie. This is when Corey and Jordyn begin plotting in order for Eddie to do something scandalous and then all the agencies and publishers would want him.

But what do they end up planning? And why does it go so horribly wrong with several dead and a couple wounded in the end?


I loved this book. This book felt like it was a different style than the Ridley Fox series. This book flows nicely and it’s a fun read. One you won’t want to put down until finished with. I was interrupted a few times but other than that, read it straight through. Recommend this book to thriller lovers.


247 pages

$1.99 on Kindle

Unsavory Delicacies (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series #2) by Russell Brooks

Unsavory Delicacies

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Okay. I knew that by reading the first book in this series that it was going to be a great series. How right I was.

The first chapter shows Ridley Fox acting as a computer geek who is meeting a covert operative. She “fakes” a wire transfer and then leaves the restaurant thinking he was going to die. Turns out, he doesn’t die. He makes it back to her apartment and is waiting on her when she gets back. He reveals who he really is. He’s already found where her hidden gun is and removed it, poisoning the alcohol while doing so. While she’s reaching for her gun, she takes a drink of the poisoned alcohol and dies a few minutes later when she feels the burning begin!

The second chapter has us following a few seemingly random character. Oliver, Stella and Kirby. They are all tied together but it isn’t revealed until the end of the chapter. Can you guess how they are all tied together and how they inadvertently know each other?


This book is seriously short. Only 30 pages short. In those 30 pages, several people are eliminated though. They don’t seem to be connected on a normal level but once you realize they are connected, you understand what that connection. I liked this book but wish it was longer!

The only thing I’m disappointed about in this book is it being so short. I really wish it had been longer but hey, at least it was good for those 30 pages.


30 pages

99 cents on Kindle

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