Vanishing Twin (Untapped #1) by Tanja Kobasic

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Vanishing Twin

Vanishing Twin is the first book in the Untapped series by Author Tanja Kobasic.


Scarlett and Jade are conjoined twins born to a thirteen year old mother who life to huff paint. They were found in horrible conditions and weren’t expected to live. Scarlett is the beautiful one. She has mahogany colored eyes that sometimes look scarlett. Jade’s eyes are a shade of green that resembles her name. Scarlett has both of her arms and generous breasts. Jade only has one arm as her second one was growing in the wrong spot and had to be removed and she has almost non-existant breasts. (This may not seem like something you would want to know but it plays into the story.) They connect at the pelvis and share the legs, bowels and lower regions.

Jade always gets what she wants. She’s the most fragile out of the two and knows that she was the underdeveloped twin. If she doesn’t get her way, she tends to throw a fit. She has dragged Scarlett through many things that she didn’t want to do. Scarlett really didn’t want to be attached to her sister. She envisions a life without being attached to her and having her own life, career and family. Unfortunately, with Jade attached to her, it will never happen.


I love this book. I really do. Jade, Scarlett and Sebastian are all people that you can relate too. Each of them have their own past and their own insecurities. Their pasts and insecurities are things that could pass as yours and mine. This book will not only present a great read but it will have you digging deeper inside yourself and looking at the real you. The one that is hidden and rarely is shown.

Tanja Kobasic is a new to me author. I like her writing style, her characters and world building. She takes her time and you can feel the world building around you while you are reading the story. It pulls you in and keeps you sucked in until the story is finished. Definitely an author I will be keeping my eye on! I now need to get the second book in the series!


***Please note I received this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion***


464 pages

$6.99 on Kindle

A Hunger for Darkness by Cooper Flynn


Kenzie is a hunter. A vampire hunter. She works for an organization called Center. This Center adopts orphans and sends them to a special private school. Only the emotionally strong, the ones that show NO emotion, are allowed to keep going and to become a hunter.

Kenzie is out hunting one of the oldest vampires, Gabriel Sands. He is 400 years old and knows how to protect himself. Gabriel takes her down and bites her. The bite alone doesn’t change someone into a vampire. They hear feet hitting the ground behind them and Gabriel takes off as Kenzie blacks out. 

She comes to in a room at the Center. She is strapped down to a gurney and is kept that way. She is now one of the things they hate and hunt. The director and Joshua, her ex, are in the room with her. They have a discussion and then leave the room with Kenzie left behind.

What happens after this point in the book? It’s pretty close to the beginning so there is a TON of action and adventure that goes on not even touched in this review.

I will say, I commend authors for taking the time to write their books. However, I just wish that some of them had editors or paid more attention to their work. This book has grammar issues as well as spelling and punctuation. I know I’m not the most grammatically correct person in the world but it irritates me when I am reading something and have to decipher what someone means. There are added words, dropped words, sentences within sentences and so on.

If you can ignore these issues, it is a good read.


150 pages