A Wolf’s Embrace (Alpha Lust #1) by Ashley Spector

alpha lust

Celia learned of her father’s death. Her mother forbade her from returning to her hometown for the funeral. Celia didn’t listen and returned anyways, lying to her mother saying she was going to stay with a friend and concocted a cover story with her friend.

After the funeral, when everyone was milling around the funeral home, a set of strong hands clamp down on her shoulders and they feel strangely familiar to her. She turns around and sees her childhood friend and boyfriend, Gray standing there. And he doesn’t look too pleased about her being there. They end up getting into a fight after her grandmother and the other attendees leave.

Gray wants her to leave. Says she never should have returned. That her mother had assured him that she would never return. That she had agreed to stay away. This only ends up making Celia seriously mad. She ends up at one of the three bars in town where she runs into Herman, her father’s friend. His son, Corey comes in a while later.

Corey and Celia end up having a fling that night. Gray finds her a couple days later at her grandmothers house and is PISSED about something that Corey did to her. He storms out of the house and returns later only to kidnap her and take her away.

What happened to make Celia leave her hometown? Why didn’t Gray want her to come back? What did Corey do to her? Why does Gray kidnap her?



This was a good erotic story. It will definitely get you turned on while reading it!


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41 pages