Be Mine (Billionaire’s Obsession #1) by J. Menendez

Be Mine

Scarlett is a billionaire’s daughter, a princess if you will.Stefan is a son of a powerful drug lord. Scarlett is part of an elite rich kids club called Daredom and she ends up getting dared to sneak into a man’s penthouse and take a pair of his monogrammed boxer shorts. Stefan was expecting a gift from his friend in the form of a girl that night that she snuck in. He catches her and ends up screwing her better than she’s ever had before. He passes out right afterwards, she dresses and leaves with his boxers and gets the pair of shoes that were to be her prize.

She realizes after multiple home pregnancy tests that she’s really pregnant. Andrea, her best friend, starts putting ideas in her head about drug lords/mafia/mobsters. She has Scarlett thinking that she’ll be locked up in the house and never allowed out and that her child will be raised to be a cold-blooded killer and so many other things. At a party one night, Andrea keeps staring at Stefan.

Stefan ends up approaching Scarlett after Raphael ends up saying something to him. Scarlett ends up telling Stefan that he’s the father of her child. He tells her they need to talk and they meet the next morning to talk. While at the restaurant, he mentions that they’re going to get married. Scarlett tells him no they aren’t and she sticks to her guns for a while. After a week, her father shuts off her cards and freezes her out and evicts her from the house. She stays with her friend Andrea until she gets kicked out of there.

While signing a lease for her own apartment and checking it out one last time, someone slips a bomb onto her car. Luckily, she ends up having to go to the bathroom. When she emerges, she sees a commotion going on and realizes her car is nothing but a burned out hull. She takes a cab to Andreas instead of staying at the scene. Andrea is relieved when she finds her at the apartment. She calls Scarlett’s family who arrive with the police. While answering questions, Stefan shows up and convinces her to marry him.

Things get better for a while before getting worse.


This book is around 50 or so pages. It’s a somewhat quick and painful read. There are so many grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that it really was painful to read. This definitely needs a good dose of editing.

The story was on okay one. I would have liked for there to have been more substance to the characters. Scarlett can be summed up as a spoiled princess. Stefan is summed up as a drug lords son. Basically, that’s all they are.


56 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

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***I purchased this book while it was free.***