Billion Dollar Bad Boy (Big City Billionaires) by Nora Flite

Billion Dollar Bad Boy

Alexis Willow is a secretary of sorts at a fashion magazine. She makes enough to make ends meet and is happy with her job. Although she does tend to be paranoid but with her past, it’s understandable. Five years ago she was ready to go to college, move to LA and work as a fashion designer. But things go to hell one day when she’s at the bank. A man comes in and instead of actually robbing the place, he has an employee plug in a USB flash drive that uploads malware but they don’t know that’s what it does.

Alexis doesn’t end up moving to LA or becoming a fashion designer. She doesn’t think she’d make it anyways so is happy where she’s at. Until she starts getting mysterious packages in her post office box. It starts with a pair of emerald earrings with silver surroundings and a cryptic message by S. Every day for a couple weeks she finds a wrapped box in her mailbox. None of the packages have any markings on them so someone is placing them in her mailbox. Each package contains a letter and an extravagant gift. The letters are always addressed to Pet.

She thinks she’s receiving the packages by mistake until she gets to work one day and mysteriously there are cupcakes and she finds one on her desk with another mysterious letter. It’s finally time she meets the mysterious S.


I absolutely loved this book. I was so entranced I read it until almost 4 am and then sat down to finish it as soon as my daughter left for school! I just really could not get enough of this book! Nora Flite is a new to me author. The Amazon book description captured my interest after the cover captured my eye. I was entranced with the story from the first page to the last.

Nora Flite is a USA Bestselling Author and I can definitely understand why after reading this book. Her characters are believable and well-rounded. The story is not rushed at all. I would LOVE to see a series made out of this following some of the other characters before, during and after this book.


456 pages

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