Taming the Vampire (Blood and Absinthe #1) by Chloe Hart

taming the vampire

Liz Marlowe is 1/16th green fae. Jack is all vampire. He is on the side of the fae and helps to stamp out evil in Boston. They hate each other.

Their first meeting when when they ended up fighting each other. This was to test her skill but she didn’t know that. She just thought he was another vampire trying to kill her or claim her. Her instructor declared it a draw as neither her nor Jack were going to let the other win.

There is a new threat in town. It’s killed three people and it attacked Liz one night. She realized what it was. Not thinking clearly, after talking to her best friend Celia, she went to Jack. He stitched her up and then she make a proposition to him.

What was this proposition? Do they really hate each other? Is it only one sided hate? What happens to the new threat? What happens to both Liz and Jack in the end?

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93 pages

This is a nice little story. There is lots packed into the 93 pages and is a good read for those who like vampires and the paranormal.