Broken Forest (Daath Chronicles #1) by Eliza Tilton


Calli and Jeslyn are down by the river one day. They know something is wrong and go to leave. But they are stopped by men blocking their path. Jeslyn grabs Calli and they start running. Jeslyn get Calli clear and yells at her to run before she is grabbed by one of the men. She puts up a fight before she is knocked out by one of the men.

Calli makes it back to the house and eventually gets out what had happened. Avikar and Derrick decide to go after her. Avikar is her older brother while Derrick is her boyfriend. They stock up on supplies and start on their journey. They come to a town where they meet up with some other men and they all join a group together that is on the same mission. One of the men’s daughters was kidnapped and he wanted his daughter back.

They all leave the town and start on their journey to find the missing women. The finally meet up with the caravan of wagons and a fight ensues. All the women are rescued, except Jeslyn. The captain of the guard grabs her and takes off to Daath with her. She is thrown into a cell and then Lucino, the prince/lord, takes her out of there. He portrays himself as being innocent in the whole thing but you can tell he’s acting, or is he?

Avikar, Derrick, Raven and Jericho (a captured guard who was with the caravan) work to free Jeslyn and return her to her family. But things get very complicated, extremely quickly.


I enjoyed reading this book. It’s well written and keeps you glued to the pages. The characters are well developed and it brings you into their world. You can envision everything happening as you are reading this book. I can’t wait to read the second book.