Scarlett and the Bear (Fairy Tales with a Shift) by Cara Wylde


Scarlett and the Bear is the next book in the Shift Your Fate series by author Cara Wylde. This fairy tale is a re-imagined telling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Scarlett is amazing at throwing her father’s hunting knives. She practices everyday and never misses her mark. While practicing one day, a strange man approaches her. He learns of the wolf-shifter and the hell he is putting the villages through. She lives in a place called “5 Villages”. All five villages used to have their own names but since being taken over by the wolf-shifter, they all are named collectively. Each year, a tribute of sorts, is chosen from one of the villages and this year is Scarlett’s villages turn.

All the eligible people gather in a group. The mayor spins all the names until he feels that they’re mixed up enough. He pulls out a name and it happens to be Scarlett’s. She is in shock while her mom begins wailing immediately. The men close around Scarlett so she can’t run but she’s too numb to think of doing anything.

That night, she is escorted into the woods. After they reach the clearing, she keeps walking on her own since the townsfolk are too scared to go any further.


This is a short book with around 60 pages. So it doesn’t take a long time to read. It’s a cute story although I thought part of it was rushed. I would have liked for a couple scenes to have been longer but it’s good the way it is. I love reading Cara’s works and this one is no different. I never have been a huge fan of Little Red Riding Hood but I do like her version.

60 pages

99 cents on Amazon Kindle

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***I received a PDF version in exchange for my opinion.***

Bear Unbound (Shift Your Fate #1) by Cara Wylde

Bear Unbound

Amazon Description: Beautiful, curvy Amber is ready to reclaim her freedom. She’s had enough of her husband’s lies and she’s done with his family’s weird rules. She’s getting a divorce, and she’s taking her 8-year-old daughter with her. Oh, and she’s determined to stay away from men. For now at least. But her best friend, Rebecca, has other things in mind. She takes her to the one place where Amber can find what she’s truly looking for: Shift Your Fate. Instead of advising her to leave her past behind, the empath Kassandra reminds her there was someone else before her ex-husband, someone who could have made her happy, if only she had given him a chance.

Tyler Atwood lost contact with Amber ten years ago, when she married Stephan Castell. He had a choice to make then: tell her the truth about her husband, or step aside and leave them be. He chose the latter. Amber wouldn’t have believed him anyway. Bear-shifters? An Assassins’ Guild hunting supernatural people? On second thought, it was better if she never knew. Now, Amber is back into his life. Being with her puts both of them in danger, but how could he resist? She’s always been the only woman who could tame his bear.

Bear Unbound is the first book in the Shift Your Fate series of standalone novels. What you should expect: hot, steamy scenes, growly Alpha males, beautiful, curvy heroines, and well-deserved happily ever afters. Intended for readers 18+.


Amber is married to Stephan Castell and they have an 8 year old daughter together, Ava. Amber is tired of Stephan’s cheating and lying and the lack of treatment from him and his family. She leaves with Ava and goes to her best friends place in New York. Ava thinks they are on a mini-vacation shortly before school starts. Becca and Amber go out to lunch with Ava one day. Becca takes Ava home and suggests that Amber step into the office across the street and talk to Kassandra. Talking to Kassandra brings up Tyler, one of Amber’s old friends that she used to talk to and then they just quit.

Amber messages Tyler and it sets them off on a whirlwind of adventure and romance. But Stephan isn’t going to let Amber go without a fight. Amber wants nothing more than to be rid of Stephan but after she learns what Tyler says, how will she feel about Tyler as well? Or any of the others for that matter when other stuff comes to light?


Cara Wylde is no new author to me. I’ve read plenty of her books and always liked them. This one is no exception. Although, I do think that parts of this were rushed. I think there could have been more backstory on each of the characters as well. Overall, it’s still a good story. I can’t wait for the next book in the Shift Your Fate series to find out how this whole thing plays out.

I do like that on the Amazon page, it CLEARLY states that there are other books in the set and what they are. Too often authors don’t include there are other books in there and you are disappointed when you realize the story is short but there’s over 300+ pages. This story itself, in PDF format is 175 pages. It’s available for 99 cents on Kindle and free with Kindle Unlimited.

***I received an advanced copy in PDF format in exchange for my honest opinion.***

The Last Ke’let Count (Lure Academy #4) by Cara Wylde

Lure Academy 4

Book four sees Alexi, Kain and Sophie in a little village. They arrive there and talk to a priest, a shaman and done of the Alluring Ones. Tengu goes back to the Academy and chooses demon’s that Alexi and Kain can mimic in their human forms in order to stay close to Sophie so if something happens.

Sophie is hired by the Count to come and entertain him and his friends. Although it looks like he takes a liking to her right from the start. He doesn’t send her to work in the kitchens or the grounds. Sophie stumbles upon an ancient creature and is almost injured before the Count returns and orders the creature to stop the attack. They return to the house and she sends a message to the two boys with only two words and they manage to decipher what she means even though they’re irritated she was so cryptic.


I like this book. The story is getting better as it goes. I can’t wait to find out what plan Alexi and Kain come up with to deal with the ancient creature and the fate of the Count as well. Sophie is still my favorite character and Kain is fast approaching the second favorite character slot.


$2.99 on Kindle

Free Kindle Unlimited

53 pages

Her Magic Unleashed (Lure Academy #3) by Cara Wylde

Lure Academy 3

Sophie, Kain and Alexi return in the third installment of the Lure Academy series by Cara Wylde. This book sees them having more training sessions. Sophie is shocked when she’s called to the therapists office. There she learns that Kain and Alexi think she’s ready to start training on the demon prisoners. She thinks she’s ready so she goes along with it. Turns out, she’s more than ready. Immobilizing a demon and draining his power in a few seconds when it takes more experiences people longer than that.

At the end of the second book, we learn of a possible ke’let demon. In this book, the ke’let demon is confirmed. Kain and Alexi are pulled into Lilith’s office and she wants them to work the case and to choose one female cambion to accompany them. They choose Sophie since she’s the one that balances them out but Lilith is skeptical to send her at first but finally agrees. What dangers lie ahead for the trio?


This book is steamier than the previous two books! The physical action is getting bolder by the book and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for book 4! I like that Sophie is portrayed as a normal girl except with these special abilities. I’m not sure what to think on the ending of the book. I hope that more is uncovered in the coming books!


$2.99 on Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

54 pages

Two Legends (Lure Academy #2) by Cara Wylde

Lure Academy 2

Two Legends is the second book in the Lure Academy series by Cara Wylde.

Alexi, Kain and Sophie return in the second installment of the Lure Academy series. Their first session was a complete bust. Kain finds out that Alexi had the files from his cases and wasn’t happy about it. Alexi learns more about Kain than Kain ever wanted known by anyone. They talk and end up coming to agreeable terms. They ends up in the Red Chamber with each other and man is it hot!!

Sophie ends up seeing them together and then starts having doubts. They used her to start working with each other. They were too proud to admit to each other they like the other. They couldn’t help her now. She wasn’t attractive enough for them. They were legends and she’s a lowly cambion who knew nothing. So she goes to tell them that she made a huge mistake but things turn out way differently than she had planned.


Oh my! This book is hotter than the first. You’ll be left needing a seriously cold shower in order to combat all the hotness in this second book. I’m liking Sophie more and more. She seems like a normal everyday girl with her insecurities and everything. Alexi and Kain are growing on me more. A few spelling/word errors but nothing major. Definitely still loving her books.


$2.99 Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

60 pages


The Midnight Ceremony (Lure Academy #1) by Cara Wylde

Lure Academy

The Midnight Ceremony is the first book in the Lure Academy series by author Cara Wylde. If the name seems familiar, it should. I’ve reviewed all six books in her Sold to the Alpha series which can all be found by searching her name on my page. This series is about incubi, succubi and cambions, the children of the incubi and succubi.

Sophie is a new student at the age of twenty-three going into Lure Academy. It’s been a whirlwind of a few days ever since Hebe showed up at her parents house. Sophie leaves with Hebe and begins the long ride to the Academy via plane and then car. She meets Lilith, the headmistress first and then Hebe drops her off outside her room and leaves her alone.

Lamia, Sophie’s roommate, helps her out and shows her around for a while before Sophie is prepared to go to the Midnight Ceremony. The ceremony is held once a month or once every two months depending on how many new students there are. The ceremony allows senior students to choose if they want to mentor and who they want to mentor.

This particular ceremony ends up unprecendented on two different things that happen. It’s never been known to have happened in the Academy’s history.


This was a good start to the series. Sophie is a character that I like as well as Alexi. I’m on the fence about Kain, not sure if I need to like him or hate him yet. I can see this being a huge series with many, many books in it. I did notice a few wording errors but nothing that confuses you.


99 cents Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

59 pages

***I purchased this book free while on promo***

Triad (The Hidden Alpha #2) by Cara Wylde

The Hidden Alpha

Triad is book two of The Hidden Alpha series by Cara Wylde. It is best to read the Sold to the Alpha series before reading this series as this series references things that happened and are explained in detail in the first series.

The Hidden Alpha follows Amelia from Alma Venus. The first book we know that Amelia is bought for Blake of Clan Sylfur. In this book, we learn more about Blake, Roman and their fight to keep the reins of the fox clan. Amelia and Seth are in a secret relationship with Blake’s blessing. They have to be careful not to spend too much time together and to not be caught. They do a good job of it.

Seth learns about Amelia’s parents being killed and promised to help track down their killers. Some MAJOR things are revealed about this and I have an idea where it’s going. If it’s the direction I think, I’m not sure about how I feel about that! Lol. Things that we do know, I do like.

At the end of the book, a HUGE announcement is made that takes Roman and Blake by surprise. I was shocked by the announcement as I honestly didn’t see it coming!


This is a great book to read. I love Cara’s works and when I saw this book was out, I knew I had to get it! I got it and started reading right away, hooked from the first page. The characters are enjoyable…..well, most of them are anyways. (Still not sure about Blake’s uncles/Roman’s brothers) I could see this series being more books than the three that Cara has planned and I secretly hope she goes for more books. 😉 (What can I say? I’m addicted! lol)

76 pages

99 cents for 24 hours and then going to normal price

Free with Kindle Unlimited

***I paid the 99 cents release price***

Twisted (The Hidden Alpha #1) by Cara Wylde


The Hidden Alpha series follows Amelia. If you’ve read the Sold to the Alpha series which features Avelyn and Max, then you’ve already met Amelia and know that she’s quite difficult. Though not her own fault really. She does prove to be Avelyn’s friend and helps her escape the boarding school, Alma Venus, the night that she is bought by Max Blackmane.

In this series, Seth comes to Alma Venus and goes through the entire book of the fox brides before having Amelia come in. She was worried because her name is in the first few pages of the book but she was called in last, after every other fox bride. Seth puts her through all the tests and questions and decides that she’s the right person for Blake, the next in line Inari, or alpha. He purchases her and they begin the long flight to Alaska, her new home.

But things get really complicated very quickly. Between Seth, Blake and Amelia.


I just, I really can’t believe I just read what I read! I was NOT expecting that last twist in there at all. I really wasn’t. The author, Cara Wylde, definitely snuck that in and I’m sure everyone who reads this book will be shocked by the revelations at the end. I am so glad that this is a trilogy and there are two more books to come. This book leaves off at a HUGE cliffhanger. Normally with cliffhangers, I don’t continue to read the series cause that’s one of my pet peeves but with Cara Wylde, I think I’ll let it slide. 😉


This book is $2.99 on Kindle and free with Kindle Unlimited.

83 pages

(I received this book in PDF format.)

Aimee and the Bear (Fairy Tales with a Shift) by Cara Wylde

Aimee and the Bear

This book is based on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Cara Wylde is an author that I just love to read.

Aimee and her family used to be rich but when her father’s merchandise ships went down in a storm, they lost all their income and lost everything. Now they sell things at the market most days in order to make money to survive after having to move out of town. One thing Aimee notices is how all the women want real roses, not ones grown in a greenhouse. This is particularly saddening to her because they only grow in one place and everyone is too scared to go there and get them. Except her.

Aimee goes for a walk one Sunday afternoon. She goes to the abandoned mansion and takes an armload of flowers. She gets curious and goes inside the mansion which is a huge mistake. She ends up thrown in a cell and left there. Eventually the beast makes a deal with her and lets her out. Each night, in her dreams, she is visited by an amazingly sexy man. Each day she spends it with the bear and exploring the mansion.


This book might be short but I like this version of Beauty and the Beast almost better than the original version. Aimee is a great female character and I like the outcome of this story. I wish it would have been longer but hey, we can’t have it all can we? lol


48 pages

$0.99 on Kindle

Free on Kindle Unlimited

(Read using KU subscription)

Of Wolves and Dragons (Sold to the Alpha #6) by Cara Wylde

cara wylde


This is the last book in the Sold to the Alpha series by Cara Wylde.


Avelyn, Max, Karl, Jocelyn and others are summoned to council chambers when one of Sabine’s wolves comes forward and tells her tale. Max and Karl lose their advisory positions but are lucky because they weren’t sentenced to death. The council decides there will be a trial set for two months from then. In the mean time, they all need to relax and get their stories as straight and on point as possible.

Avelyn is really pregnant at this point and it’s uncomfortable for her to sit there through the questioning and through all the trails. She eventually has her child but is it a boy or girl? And is it shifter or human?


I loved this book. I kept the overview of the book short because I really don’t want to give away too much in this book. Let’s just say, that people end up getting what’s coming to them. This book was awesome to read. I was glued to my computer screen while writing it. Cara Wylde’s style of writing is great. Now that this series is over with, I will have to hope for a spinoff series following Karl, cause let’s face it, I love the bad boy. 😀 I will also have to keep my eye out for her other series, Lure Academy, to be updated as well. The first two books are available in the Lure Academy series.


86 pages

$2.99 on Kindle

I paid 99 cents on promo

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