Resisting the Biker (The Biker #1) by Cassie Alexandra


“Resisting the Biker” is the first book in “The Biker” series by Cassie Alexandra.

We start out by reading a horrible act that is done to Jessica. She is raped by a guy in a motorcycle club. She doesn’t recognize the patches but she is able to describe them to the police and her mother who in turn tells her boyfriend who is the president of a local motorcycle club.

From there, we follow Adriana. Adriana is twenty-one years old and her best friend, Krystal is just turning twenty-one. They stop by the motorcycle clubs main house before they hit up the clubs. Everyone there knows that Krystal is off limits as she belongs to the president of the Gold Viper’s son. Adriana, however, isn’t patched or claimed by anyone. Breaker, a guy from a different motorcycle club who is visiting, takes it upon himself to try and get into Adriana’s pants. This isn’t a good idea because it only pisses off Tank (the president’s son) and his best friend, Raptor.

Raptor acts like she is his to keep her safe and to make Breaker back off. She catches on quickly and acts like they are together. Raptor carries Adriana into the back of the clubhouse and then sets her down. Krystal and Tank go into another room and they listen to them having sex. Raptor likes the flush of Adriana’s cheeks when he embarrassing her so he keeps making her blush. Before she and Krystal leave to go clubbing, he programs his name and number into her phone.

She thinks that she won’t ever need it, but she does. That night. And she’s thankful she could call someone. He goes and picks her up from the rest stop she was abandoned at and takes her back to his house. She spends the night and then he takes her home the next morning. Adriana likes him but she knows that he’s nothing but trouble and so is the motorcycle club he’s with.

Things go from bad to worse. Breaker starts following Adriana and scares the hell out of her, which pisses Raptor off more than what he already was. Krystal ends up missing and while Adriana and Raptor are at the police station, a tip comes in that Krystal was found. Dead. The motor cycle club knows who killed Krystal and they run the offending motorcycle club out of town.


This book is a good read. I started reading it and didn’t quit until after 4 am. I read this book straight through and enjoyed all of it. This book will ┬ámake you think you are actually there while reading it. You can visualize the story happening while reading it. I highly recommend this book to other readers.


316 pages

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