Product Review: Chalko Gel Pens set of 48

20160627_182204These gel pens are amazing. The colors are crisp and clear. Usually with gel pens, I have issues with the ink flowing. Not with these. The ink didn’t skip on any pen and the flow was nice and smooth. I didn’t notice much smearing but there was a little bit which is to be expected with gel pens. There are metallic, normal, pastel, glitter and mixed ink pens in this pack of 48.

There is even a WHITE gel pen. Other sets I have, and are lined up for review as well, don’t have a white pen. This has several reds which is a rarity in the other sets as well. I LOVE that these gel pens don’t have problems with the ink or with the colors. There are a few shades in each color, except black and white.

I really have no complaints about these gel pens other than I want more! LOL.

These gel pens can be found on Amazon for $12.96 for a set of 48 pens.

***I received my set of 48 gel pens free in exchange for my honest opinion.***