Vampire Vacation (The V V Inn #1) by CJ Ellisson

vampire vacation

Welcome to the Vampire Vacation Inn located in Alaska. Vivian, who goes by other names as well from past eras, is a 580 year old vampire who owns the inn with her human mated husband, Rafe. All the employees that work at the inn are human but know most of the guests are vampires. They are cool is working there and even donating blood to some of the vampires while they are there on vacation. (They all wear special bracelets in case of a panic or emergency).

Vivian, who was known as Alexandria at the time, used to be an Enforcer for the Tribunal. The Tribunal is the vampire justice “system” although they are corrupt. Vivian has killed two of them previously and knows she has more enemies after her that are on the Tribunal forces. Things start to go haywire when a new clan of vampires comes to stay for a week.

Vivian is checking out the rooms to make sure they are prepared for the new arrivals. Guess what she finds? A dead body. And he’s not registered at the inn as any of the vampires companions or mates. So she starts wondering how he got there. She call in Jon, a werewolf and friend, to help track the scent to see who could have killed him.

Well, things get worse before they get better. Vivian eventually has to rally all the master vampires that are there and the other non-master as well for a hunt. This hunt is sanctioned by the Tribunal which means they won’t get in trouble for it. Vivian KNOWS who is behind the killings but the others don’t want to fully believe her.

In the end, Vivian proves right and sets a trap. I will not tell you if it was a success or not. You will have to read the book to find out all the juicy details I’ve left out. And there are PLENTY of them. 🙂

A great read if you like romance, eroticism, werewolves and most importantly, vampires. 🙂

99 cents on Kindle

312 pages