Twist Me (Twist Me #1) by Anna Zaires

Twist Me

Nora is almost eighteen years old. She goes out with a friend clubbing and gets in using a fake ID. There, she comes in contact with a guy named Julian. The spark between them and the heaviness freaks her out and she makes Leah leave right then and there. Not wanting to be there anymore she fakes a headache.

A couple weeks later, she graduates. While walking across the stage, she sees him in the crowd. Later, after the ceremony is finished, the girls go to a party at Jake’s house. Nora has a HUGE crush on Jake. She ends up talking to him a while and he knows her name. He ends up asking her out and she agrees.

After dinner and a movie, they are walking through the park. When Jake gives her a kiss, all hell breaks loose. Jake ends up being knocked out. Nora only sees a large figure standing over him before she feels a prick in her neck and is unconscious. When she wakes up, she’s naked in a bed and has no idea where she is. Eventually, Julian returns and has his way with her. He enjoys breaking her only to build her back up again. Beth, his friend and caretaker, lives in the house as well.

Nora has a bright idea of trying to knock Beth out and escaping. Only to find out that they’re on an island and her attempt was futile. She spends the night out in the wilderness. Going back to the house, she decides to try and force Beth to help her. Sneaking into Beth’s room, she gets a rude awakening when Julian is back from his business trip a few days early. And boy is he PISSED!!


I’m no stranger to Anna Zaires works. I’ve read her Krinar Chronicles series. This book, I don’t know why, but I somehow was thinking it was vampires. Imagine my surprise when it’s just humans and arms dealers! Lol. Nora is a character I liked. Beth, I liked her too and was sad at her murder. Julian, I’m not so sure about. Definitely a book to read. If you’re a prude and don’t like sex scenes, then definitely don’t read this book.

I’ve read the Fifty Shades series and was on the fence with it. In this book, there is no agreement drawn up between them and a test period. This one is full on rape. Nora ends up falling for Julian in the end but is almost always reluctant to do anything with him, even if her body wants it. I’m just not complete sure on how I feel about this book yet.


312 pages

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#Selfie (Hashtag #4) by Cambria Hebert

#Selfei#Selfie is the fourth book in the Hashtag series by Cambria Hebert. I really wasn’t sure I was going to like this series….let alone make it to book four!! We’re finished with Romeo and Rimmel’s story and have now moved on to Braeden. Honestly, I went into this book thinking it would be him and Missy. Or someone else entirely that we hadn’t been introduced to yet. Nope. Completely wrong and utterly shocked. But I guess if I would have thought about it from clues in other books, I could have guessed it would have been Ivy.

Braeden, Ivy, Trent, Missy, Rimmel and Romeo are in Florida on Spring Break. If you’ve read book three you know that Rimmel, Romeo and Braeden were in Florida dealing with Rimmel’s father and the fallout of his gambling. They’re there before Spring Break actually starts. Trent, Ivy and Missy come down after Alpha U lets out and join then at the beach house that Romeo has rented. The plan was for Trent and Missy to get together. But it didn’t end up happening.

On the last night of their break, Ivy and Braeden end up sleeping together, thanks to an angry crab that bit Ivy’s toe and sends her into a flurry. Braeden thinks she’s being attacked by someone and not something. He laughs when he finds out it’s a crab but Ivy won’t let him put her down on the sand thinking that the crab is going to get her again. He carries her back to the rental house and things are sexually charged between them. Before either of them really realizes it, they’re in bed together. Braeden takes a selfie after they’ve finished having sex, not planning on using it for anything except his own memories.

Trent likes Ivy. Which is where Rimmel and Romeo’s plan backfired on them. He ends up asking her out and she agrees. Things get really bad once schools back in session. The BuzzBoss releases a picture of Ivy in bed with Zach…..the psycho that had hurt Rimmel and Romeo and used Ivy to get to them. Later, the BuzzBoss releases the picture of Braeden and Ivy. Braeden is shocked because his phone was destroyed when he threw it on the ground after busting a car window and seeing the picture of Ivy and Zach. The picture should have been lost with the phone being destroyed but somehow the BuzzBoss got the picture.

Braeden ends up figuring out whom the BuzzBoss is. Up until he figured it out, the BuzzBoss had been anonymous. No one, not even the university staff, had known who the BuzzBoss was. He ends up hacking the BuzzBoss’ computer after lying his way into the perpitrator’s room. He confronts the Boss with Ivy by his side. Does the BuzzBoss go all out afterwards and destroy them or does he/she back off and leave them a lone after that? What ends up transpiring between all the drama I’ve commented on here? You’ll just have to read the first three books and then this one!


Okay. Okay. I’m really, REALLY glad that I started reading this series. I have officially read all the books I have in this series so I am going to be working on getting the next books in the series. Sigh. I loved reading about Rimmel and Romeo but I really liked Braeden’s story as well. I am anxious to see if Trent has a story and see where it goes as well as Missy. I know that Zach’s back in the next book and I can only imagine what he’s going to be up too!! Nothing good in a million years!!

330 pages

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Jace (Bodyguards for Hire) by T. A. Grey


Mara is a sex toy operator meaning she gets to test out prototypes of sex toys. Jace is a security specialist/bodyguard. Mara has been getting calls for a while now where no one ever responds when she answers but she knows that someone is listening. One day, while driving, she ignores the law and answers the phone and snaps. At the last minute she sees the huge black truck in front of her and she slams into it, damaging her little VW bug more than his truck.

Jace is pissed. Actually, he’s more than pissed. They get into it and end up flirting. Jace ends up having her vehicle towed to a trusted garage and takes her home. They exchange cards and numbers. Neither can get the other out of their heads. As Jace leaves, Mara gets another call. This time it’s “tick tock Mara tick tock”. She recognizes the voice and is instantly on high alert. She drops her phone and goes inside, not even bothering to pick it up. Everything looked normal and then she goes to bed.

She wakes up the next morning and the thermostat is set to 93 degrees. Definitely not where she left it the night before and seeming no significance to us until she gets to the office that Jace works at. He takes her case, pro bono. But things get worse. Worse than what he had predicted and quicker than what Jace had expected.


This book was a good read. I don’t like how Mara flipped back and forth between liking Jace and then hating his guts. The pace is steady and the characters are mostly likable. I could see a situation happening like in this book. I’m not new to the author’s work as I’ve read and reviewed the first three books in the Bellum Sister series with one book left to go in it.

This book was published in 2013. I wish there would be more books in this series following other characters but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. I can hope though, right?


189 pages

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$9.99 Paperback

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