Critical Care: 1 (Mercy Hospital) by Candace Calvert

critical care

Claire Avery used to be an ER nurse – until the fateful night her brother would be brought in with six other firefighters after a warehouse explosion. She freaked out and paniced and couldn’t help the staff anymore that night. Or for a while.

She decided to change paths. Instead of being an ER nurse, she would pursue a career in nurse education. So she started on the path and applied for a position at Mercy Hospital. Her first real assignment is to use her CISM training to help the nurses, doctors and other staff involved in the care of the kids and adults from the daycare fire.

She meets Logan Caldwell, head of the Emergency Department and all around grouch. He smirks at her and doesn’t appreciate her trying to create weak links in his nursing staff. But he soon realizes, she wasn’t creating weak links. She was actually helping them.

Claire, Logan, Erin, Sarah and others all work closely in the ER, much to Claire’s hate at first.

What happens with each one while working together? Who ends up together? Who’s relationships break up and are forever gone? Who are the good people and who are the bad?



I rarely actually LIKE books that don’t have paranormal things about them, much less LOVE a book without those elements. But I actually LOVED this book! It was a great read from the first page to the last. There is a lot of action in this book with some romance involved. I recommend this one for sure!


$9.99 on Kindle

286 pages