***Cover Reveal*** Blackbird Anthology by Dahlia Donovan

The Blackbird Anthology is the complete Blackbird series story containing: Ivy, Natasha, Masquerade, Twelve Days and Under Fire.  It also contains the Lorcan which will also be available as a free read for subscribers to Dahlia’s newsletter.


When a group of lonely shifters came together during their service with the Royal marines, they never imagined the strong pack that would develop between them.  Channeling their special operative training, they built a security firm with two alpha wolves at the head of a motley crew of shifters not known for playing well-together.
They’ve lived their lives as outcasts from their own individual species of shifters choosing to form a family with each other instead.  Until Now.  Follow the Blackbird pack as they fall victim to love one by one.
Can they guard their own hearts?


Shooting off the bed with a shuddering gasp, Ronan ran a shaking hand across his sweaty brow.  He glanced to his left to find Lorcan still soundly sleeping—thankfully. Ruddy nightmares. After all these years, it seemed the horrors of the last incident in Afghanistan might never completely fade away.
He reached down to rub the scarred tissue at the end of what remained of his leg.  Lorcan grumbled incoherently at the jostling and rolled over on his side.  The hare shifter would be angry in the morning if he discovered his mate had suffered in the night without waking him.
Too bleeding bad.
Nothing angered Ronan more than being treated like he was broken.  The damn blast had done nothing more than temporarily steal his ability to function.  With his state-of-the-art prosthetic, he’d believed himself to be as close to what he’d been in the past as ever.
Everyone else in his life didn’t seem as convinced, Lorcan being the rare exception.
“Leg bothering you?” Lorcan leaned up on his elbow with a mixture of weariness and concern mingling in his eyes. “Another nightmare?”
They both suffered them after the living hell Afghanistan had been.  The dreams had lessened over the years. Ronan wondered if they’d ever completely rid themselves of the lingering memories.
Lorcan’s warm hand moved over to cover Ronan’s.  Twisting around on the bed, Ronan leaned over his shifter until their lips met.  He’d always found his mate’s lips to be remarkably full and soft, given nothing else about the man could even be considered soft.
Lorcan traced Ronan’s bottom lip with his tongue and reached up to catch him by the back of the neck to hold him close. “I’m on top this time.”
“No, you’re not.” Ronan’s brogue tended to deepen and roll seductively when he was half-asleep and in the mood. He blocked Lorcan’s attempt to roll them over and caught the shifter’s arms in strong, calloused hands. “Easy there, fuzzy britches, you’re not going anywhere, got that straight?”


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Author Bio
Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She’s a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

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***Cover Reveal*** The Blackbird Anthology by Dahlia Donovan


**Cover Reveal**

The Blackbird Anthology is the complete Blackbird series story containing: Ivy, Natasha, Masquerade, Twelve Days and Under Fire.  It also contains the newly released Lorcan.  Lorcan will also be released as a free read for subscribers to Dahlia’s newsletter.




When a group of lonely shifters came together during their service with the Royal marines, they never imagined the strong pack that would develop between them.  Channeling their special operative training, they built a security firm with two alpha wolves at the head of a motley crew of shifters not known for playing well-together.

They’ve lived their lives as outcasts from their own individual species of shifters choosing to form a family with each other instead.  Until Now.  Follow the Blackbird pack as they fall victim to love one by one.

Can they guard their own hearts?


Alicia (Blackbird #5) by Dahlia Donovan


Alicia is the fifth book in the Blackbird series by Dahlia Donovan. The reviews for Ivy, Natasha, Masquerade and Twelve Days can all be found on my blog as well.

The fifth book follows Alicia, Ivy’s best friend. Starts out with Alicia planning Ivy’s wedding. On the day of the wedding things go horribly wrong. After the vows, everyone is standing around talking. Alicia is yelling at Jezza because he already has two glasses of champagne in his hands and looks like he’s about to get sloshed. All of a sudden she finds herself on her back on the lawn being covered by Josh, the resident panther shifter of Blackbird. She processes that she heard a gunshot and then sees Jezza dead.

Blackbird gets Ivy, Dane, Alicia and the others out of there safely without anyone else being hurt. They go to the main house where they all change from their wedding clothes into something more comfortable. After that, everyone is whisked away to different parts. Alim, Alicia’s uncle, takes Alicia and Josh to his estate. Alim gives Josh his blessing to date Alicia only because he’s saved her life and made her smile for the first time in a long time. Alim takes them to Morocco where they can be more protected since they are friends of the most powerful family there.

Things start to come to light after Alicia realizes that her step-sister Fawn is being a few nasty presents being left on her doorstep back in London. Things start to go really bad when she realizes that some of her more traditional family members are lurking around the hotel and waiting on a chance to kidnap her. Alim distracts Fawn and Josh gets Alicia out of there without any trouble.

Alicia and Josh are now on the run because someone is chasing them and wants them dead. The threats aren’t only coming from Alicia’s family’s enemies but from recent threats to Ivy and Blackbird themselves.


This book was a good one to read. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out. I really liked reading Josh and Alicia’s story, especially after Twelve Days. I was really wondering how it was going to play out with them. I love Dahlia’s characters and her style of writing.


120 pages

$2.99 on Amazon

I paid 99 cents on promo

Twelve Days (Blackbird #4) by Dahlia Donovan


Twelve Days is the fourth book in the Blackbird series. The first three book reviews can be found: Ivy Natasha Masquerade.

In Twelve Days, we start off on a sad note. We are in Alec’s POV. For those that don’t know, Alec is Ivy’s now deceased first husband who died of pancreatic cancer. The cancer treatments weren’t working. Jezza, Dane and Alicia all know Alec as well. They are celebrating Christmas in October because Alec wants Ivy to be happy and to not give up on life. Dane shaves Alec’s head and decides to shave his own head so he wasn’t alone.

Fast forward to three years later. Ivy is throwing a Christmas party for all of Blackbird Security. Either Steve or Gareth sends out an “invitation” although it’s not really an invitation since they all “have to bloody attend.”

The situation with Rafael was still there and still a threat. Although, with the deaths of his two former associates, he had quieted down some and was biding his time and they all knew it. The question was, when was he going to show his hand and make his next move. With it being the holidays, no one expected him to make a move but then again, Rafael was all about surprises and making a move during the holiday really would surprise them. That’s why someone was always monitoring him so they knew.

Josh is pining for Alicia, Ivy’s best friend. He has left her a couple presents so far and Ivy busts him when he leaves the third one. She does the not so subtle thing of threatening him with death and being buried in Moroccan sands and then lets him know that his presents have cheered up Alicia. When Josh leaves, he goes home and busts Alicia leaving him a note on his door. Through her Uncle Alim, she knew who was leaving the presents for her. Josh takes her inside and reveals to her that he is a panther shifter. Alicia decides she needs time to think about it and leaves in a hasty retreat and Josh lets her go.

New couples are popping up all over the place. Or at least the start of some new couples: Elaine and Alim, Carl and Judy, Dane and Tabatha? This all happens in the first few days of the Twelve Days before Christmas!


Dahlia Donovan was a new to me author when I found Ivy. I liked it and went on to read Natasha and Masquerade. I then purchased Twelve Days and also have the fifth book, Alicia, which will be reviewed tomorrow. I have enjoyed reading each of her books and I don’t see that changing. The characters, aside from some being shifters, are as diverse and normal as everyday people which I like. These are some good books and I would recommend them to fellow readers.

Happy Birthday to Dahlia. Hope you’re having a great day today.


86 pages

Amazon Price: Normally 99 cents but free today and tomorrow

Price I Paid: Free

Masquerade (Blackbird #3) by Dahlia Donovan


Ivy has dropped hints of wanting to be married. But the wolves don’t want to ask in a traditional way. So how do they ask? Their way of course. They DEMAND that she marry them. We all know our Ivy and KNOW that that isn’t going to go over with her at all.

Deciding to take a break from the wolves, she goes with her best friends Alicia and Dane and Alicia’s uncle Alim to a masquerade party. The three of them pick her up from the flat where she had been staying with the wolves, much to their dismay. They don’t like Alim and don’t like him anywhere near Ivy.

Alicia breaks down and tells Ivy a secret that puts a wedge between Alicia, Dane and Alim until it finally comes out. Ivy helps repair the wedge the way she knows how. She threatens Dane, and by proxy Jezza and then talks to Alim and talks some sense into him. Or so she thinks. But what is this big secret? And what do each of them do about it?


Dahlia Donovan was a new author to me when I came across Ivy. I read it and subsequently read Natasha. I’ve liked her works so much, that I’m now doing a release day post and this review as well. I know she’s hard at work on her next book and I can’t wait for it to come out either! I am loving this entire series.

Masquerade had me laughing. Especially the very last part in the book. It was just so Ivy and if you’ve read the previous books, you’ll know what I mean by that statement. I HIGHLY suggest you get Ivy, Natasha and Masquerade and read them!


Natasha (Blackbird #2) by Dahlia Donovan


This is the second book in the Blackbird series by Dahlia Donovan. Ivy is the first book.


Natasha Itsov works for a guy names Petrov. We met him in the first book. He is the man who kidnapped Ivy and whose plans were thwarted by Ivy’s mates, Gareth and Steve.

Natasha sees a document with the Blackbird Security name on it. She warns Darren, one of Blackbirds security agents and her former fling, that they were still on Petrov’s radar.

Darren is a fox shifter just as Natasha is an arctic fox shifter. Darren gets himself trapped in an aminal trap set by Petrov’s men. Natasha blows her cover and rescues Darren, not wanting to loose him.

Darren and Natasha still like each other but Natasha refuses to give in to her feelings and do what she knows she wants. He asks her a few times to marry him and she always turns him down. But he refuses to give up on her, thinking she’ll change her mind one of the times he asks her.


This is a great book. I like how each of Dahlia Donovan’s books focus on one person but they incorporate the others into it and you still know what’s going on with all of them.

Natasha is so different than the main character in the first book. But both characters bring their own personalities into the books, both of them being as different as night and day.

I highly recommend this book as well as Ivy.


99 cents on Kindle


92 pages

Ivy (Blackbird #1) by Dahlia Donovan


Meet Ivy. From the first pages of the book she is a character you can’t help but to like.

Ivy decides to get out and go shopping for Christmas presents, since Christmas is only two days away. She ends up at a department store on the second level when things start going HORRIBLY wrong. There are terrorists in the store and are rounding up survivors that weren’t killed in the initial blast.

Ivy hides and ends up staying there for an hour or so before deciding she can’t hold her bladder anymore. She sneaks to the bathroom and as she’s trying to decide whether to stay in the bathroom or make her way back to her cubbyhole, she is grabbed from behind and dragged into a staff room. The man tells her that it’s important that she doesn’t scream and she nods her head. He moves his hand and he introduces himself, Steve, and the other man in the room, Gareth.

Steve explains that they work for a private security company that was sent in to take out the terrorists and rescue the hostages. There is already a bond forming between the three of them, and no, I’m NOT talking about Stockholm Syndrome.

Steve and Gareth get Ivy to safety after they meet up with their team and are told that a female is being held in one of the staff rooms. They had left Ivy there thinking it was safer there than with them. Steve and Gareth go in and kill the terrorists that had been torturing her. She goes to the hospital and ends up leaving before they can get there. Working for a security firm has it’s advantages though. They track her down.

Ivy is offput at first but doesn’t really mind after a while. Ivy is finally over the death of her husband and is ready to move on. Or is she?


This is a great book. I absolutely love Ivy, Steve and Gareth. I can’t wait to get the second book in the series.


99 cents on Kindle

98 pages