Chill Run by Russell Brooks

Chill Run

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. 🙂


I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Another Russell Brooks?”. The answer is yes, another Russell Brooks. This book is not part of the Ridley Fox series. I do have the next book in that series which is coming up next. 😉 hehe


We start off following Eddie in the prologue. He’s been shot in the shoulder. What was supposed to be a harmless stunt turned into anything but harmless. Three people were dead and he was shot along with his best friend. He is loaded into an ambulance and taken away.

The first chapter takes us back in time to four days before Eddie was shot. So we get to know what led up to him being shot and the harmless stunt that was supposed to take place. Turns out Eddie is in a heck of a spot. His girlfriend left him and he lost his job in the same day. His roommate was several weeks behind on the rent and whenever Eddie would say something to Corey, he’d just say that he’d get it. Eddie goes to the bar where Corey’s girlfriend, Jordyn, works and finds him slumped over. Jordyn’s replacement comes and the three of them leave and head to their favorite Jamaican restaurant.

Corey gives two opened envelopes to Eddie which he had been expecting. They are letters from a publisher and a an agency. You see, Eddie’s a writer and has submitted his book to agencies and publishers. These were the last two letters he was waiting on and both were denials. This upsets Eddie. This is when Corey and Jordyn begin plotting in order for Eddie to do something scandalous and then all the agencies and publishers would want him.

But what do they end up planning? And why does it go so horribly wrong with several dead and a couple wounded in the end?


I loved this book. This book felt like it was a different style than the Ridley Fox series. This book flows nicely and it’s a fun read. One you won’t want to put down until finished with. I was interrupted a few times but other than that, read it straight through. Recommend this book to thriller lovers.


247 pages

$1.99 on Kindle