Husband Wanted: Will Train (Destiny Bay Baby Dreams #1) by Helen Conrad

husband wanted

Charity is in a bind. Her brother, Mason, decided to tell their Aunt that she was married. Charity, Mason and their sister Faith were raised by their aunt after their parents were arrested and went to prison. She needed to find a solution to this and fast. When Mason had told her, Charity hadn’t contradicted him so the problem was just as much her fault as it was his.

Charity called a temp agency hoping to hire someone for the duration of her aunt’s visit, not really thinking everything through. When she called, Ross Carrington, answered the phone. His sister, who owned the agency, was on lunch and her secretary was away from her desk. When he realized whom the caller was, he had to take on the job himself. Only he couldn’t use his real name. He used his mother’s maiden name when he told Charity who to expect.

He showed up at her house but she thought that he was one of Mason’s friends who was supposed to pick Mason up. She let him in but when he tried to tell her who he was, she just talked over him and didn’t listen. The first few days that her aunt is in town are very eventful. Faith and two of her friends show up at her apartment. Then Mason comes back home. Mason and one of Faith’s friends leave together, but he takes her back to her parents in Colorado. Faith had brainwashed her.

Her aunt finds a picture of Ross on the front page of the paper about one of his big deals. She says the paper made a mistake by using his picture that they must look similar. That’s when Charity realizes who he is and is furious.

What happens from that point on? Are Charity and Ross really in love? Do they make it past the visit and continue on to a real relationship? Do they go their separate ways when the visit is done?

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