Product Review: Golastartery Women’s Eagle Claw Ring


I really love this ring. When I ordered it, I wasnt really sure it was going to fit. I do have fat fingers and it didnt say it was adjustable but I really wanted this ring. When i got it and tried it on, it fit. The one claw can be pushed in to to make it fit as the opening was bigger than my finger.

There are a couple imperfections in the ring and i just couldnt get TN thw pictures to turn out. But somehow, these imperfections make the ring more likeable. On the underside of the one claw and going towards an the others there is a long scratch mark.

I will admit, i wasn’t real excited after wearing the ring a little bit. It turned me green. I’ve heard that putting clear nail polish on jewelry works to stop the green. I applied some clear nail polish to the inside of the ring and its worked so far. The only downside i can see to that is having to apply a fresh coat every so often with it being worn off.

Overall, I’m happy with this ring and love it. This is sold in a bronze color. Found on amazon for $5.99

***I did receive my ring for free in exchange for my review***