A Curse Upon the Saints by J. Rutger Madison

A Curse Upon the Saints


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Nurik is a commander in an army and had been fighting in a war that was religious based. His “king” wanted the mines in which Silverwic owned. Silverwic happens to be in the middle of the kingdom of Garmundland. The city isn’t all that protected and Nurik knows that his men can take out the wall and make it to the town.

All of a sudden, there are blasts from the center of the town that he knows his men didn’t cause. A hole is made in the wall that his men were going to take down. Townspeople start fleeing. Nurik runs closer for a better look. Inside the gates of the castle is pure pandemonium. Guards are fighting goat-men. The goat-men are waiting on Nurik and his battalion to enter the castle. When his troops are ready, one comes running up and says that someone is ready for a parlay.

Shaqar, one of the goat-men, requests to speak with Nurik. They end up making each other mad which isn’t a good idea. Shaqar wants to hold the town of Silverwic but also wants to continue on to the next town. Nurik is adamant that he has no orders beyond taking Silverwic, which Shaqar already did. Shaqar has spies everywhere and knows that Nurik is supposed to march on but Nurik does NOT want to be associated with Shaqar. If he could have sent someone else to the meeting, he would have.


This book is a great book. All the action, adventure and different “creatures” make it a worthwhile and amazing read. All this works well together. This books flows nicely. I haven’t heard of the author before this book but guaranteed I keep an eye out!


398 pages

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Lands of Ash by H.L. Burke

Lands of Ash


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Ketyl is out on a scouting mission. Fire portals are popping up all over the forest. Ketyl ends up figuring out where all the portals are heading since they are in a straight line. They are heading towards a place called Fork Vale Fortress. What Ketyl can’t figure out is how they know about the fortress. A charred, a minion for the fire elementals, ends up showing up near Ketyl and he kills it.

He heads back towards his camp where his brother Karvir is. He hopes to be able to warn the fortress of the impending attack so they can prepare. Everyone at the fortress has known loss in one way, shape or form. They are all willing to fight until the end. Karvir and Ketyl lead a small army to try and stop the elementals from reaching the fortress.

The characters in this book are ones that you are immediately inclined to like or dislike. There really is no in-between with these characters. It’s either love or hate. You are rooting for the characters through everything and hoping they will win or at least get out alive.


This post-apocalyptic book is an awesome read. I was drawn in from the first chapter until the last. The thing that really caught my eye was the cover. It captivated me and then reading the book made me entranced in the pages. I read this book in one sitting, forgoing sleep in order to finish it. This book is THAT good!


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273 pages