Chasing Perfection #1 by M. S. Parker


Krissy Jensen lives and works in New York. But she’s going to attend an interview with a company in Hollywood, California named Mirage. They handle talent auditions and the like. She is interviewing to work in the legal department as she is a lawyer.

She initially meets with the person who she would be working directly under. He calls her back for a second interview the following day. When Krissy reaches the hotel she’s staying at, she finds out that she’s been upgraded to a top floor suite. And another surprise is waiting for her when she walks into her room. DeVon Ricci, the company’s owner, is sitting on the couch with a few naked women in there.

Not realizing who he was at first, she tells him in some not so friendly words to get out of her room. He insists on “flirting” with her and then tells her to be at Mirage the next day to have another interview. His interviewing methods are unconventional. He asks some VERY personal questions to see if someone would lie. He doesn’t want anyone who lies working in his company.

Deciding she doesn’t want to work there after all, only because of him, so she leaves and goes to the airport. She misses her flight and decides to purchase a ticket for the red-eye flight that will get back to New York at 3 am. But does she make it on the plane? What happens between her and DeVon? Or even the guy that DeVon hired to try and seduce her?


This was an okay book. It’s not one that I would read again and I won’t be reading anymore in the series. I’ve ready several books similar to this one. Based on the book description on Amazon, I thought it would be different, but in the end it was like the others. It just has something about it that I don’t really like and I can’t pinpoint what it is.

This was a free read and is still free at the moment.