Miracle Girls by Anne Dayton

miracle girls

Ana is fourteen years old. Her family just moved a few hours away from her last school. Her father is a lawyer who is starting his own firm while her mother decorates houses.

She is a freshman in high school. One afternoon, she ends up with a detention because of disrupting class when she thinks Riley, the popular girl, is cheating on a pop quiz in math. Riley ends up with a detention as well for texting during class.

The English teacher is a little kooky. She pairs everyone up into groups of four. Ana, Riley, Christine and Zoe are all paired together. Then the teacher decides to make each of them write an essay about a day that changed their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s a positive change or a negative change but it just has to be something that changed their lives. Each of the girls write their essays. As a twist, the teacher makes them read the essays in their groups.

Ana, Riley, Christine and Zoe all have one thing in common. They should all be dead. But for some reason, they are all still alive, miraculously. Zoe has the idea that the four of them need to be together. This wasn’t just a goofy assignment in detention. It was fate. Riley takes off as soon as they are dismissed, not wanting any part of them. After all, she was the popular cheerleader.

Things happen throughout this story to pull them apart, bring them together and back and forth all throughout the novel.



This is a great book. I could honestly see something like this happening in real life. The characters in this book are believable. You could almost see everything happening in this book as you read it.

This book is centered around families who believe in God. I don’t normally like these kinds of books but I really liked this one.


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235 pages