The Right Wrong Thing by Ellen Kirschman

Right Wrong Thing

I received this book in hardcover edition in exchange for an honest review.


This book is a great read. I received it in the mail yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down in my spare time.

Randy Spelling is female. She wants to be a police officer. It’s pretty much the only thing she’s wanted her entire life. Most of her family has been officers. Her father and brothers are in law enforcement as well. Her husband is a deputy in the sheriff’s office. So law enforcement is nothing new to her.

We open the book learning about Randy and her psych eval to become an officer of the Kenilworth PD. She passes all her tests with flying colors and nails the psych eval as well. She starts training and becomes a full fledged officer. In the meantime, elections for a new chief of police are underway. There are two candidates: one male (the one that has the backing of the police commission) and a female (who has the backing of the county board). The female candidate wins and starts her tenure in October.

Randy has been a officer now and is on nightshift, where all rookies start. Things go seriously wrong on this shift. Tom Rutgers, her partner, goes down to check out a man that’s laying face down. The man pops up, with a sword mind you, and starts slashing. This man and other homeless men try and get to Tom’s gun. Randy calls for help and then gets in the melee. There’s body parts everywhere and she’s pulled off the pile of people and someone tries to get her gun. She ends up running away.

No one wants to work with her now. They all think she froze up after calling for help. Tom admits she got into the melee but when she was pulled off, he didn’t see her again. So he knows she ran away. No one trusts her to not freeze and do her job or to be able to handle herself now.


This book is awesome. It’s great to read a law enforcement based book that focuses on female officers. Most of the time, it’s a male officer. This one is packed with different characters, both of the male and female genders. There’s different events that happen in the book. Some you can see coming and a couple sneak up on you and slam you in the face. A great book to read with a strong female lead.

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One to Go by Mike Page

One to Go

I received this book in hardcover edition in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Tom Booker is an attorney. He’s running late one day to pick up his daughter and her friends to take them to a museum. He gets caught in the elevator by one of the senior partners who isn’t happy about him skipping out for a while on a Saturday, even though he says he’ll be back. He peels out of his parking spot and races to pick up his daughter and her friends, even though he knows he’s going to be late.

Deciding to do something stupid, he starts a text message while driving across a bridge. He ends up causing an accident and hits a van head on. In the van is his daughter and her friends. The van tips up and looks like it’s going to flip into the river below but everything pauses. Another truck is on fire but the flames and smoke are still. As Tom is trying to break into the van to get at least his daughter out and stop the van from flipping, two people run up to him.

They make a deal with him but he ends up thinking he’s crazy and imagined the deal. The scene is reset and the people in the van don’t die….at that moment. Two weeks later, the driver is brutally murdered. This throws him into action knowing that his daughter and her friends are next. This makes him come to terms of things he never thought he would have to resort too in his life.


I really enjoyed this book. I read it over a few days when I was able too. This is a unique book. I’ve read books before where similar deals were made but never where the person’s family was in jeopardy of dying. This pushes the main character to think faster and react much swifter than in the other books once he realizes it’s not an idle threat. This book is easily read and flows easily from one event into the next. Definitely a crime novel worth reading.


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$20.31 Hardcover

313 pages

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Eye Popping Oddities


I received this book in hardback edition in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


This is an enlightening and informative book. This has things in it I never would have known had I not read it. Some of the stuff in here makes you wonder why it was thought up in the first place while other stuff just makes you go “huh” as you’re reading it. Some of this will boggle you and have you wondering why it even exists.

Some stuff from the book:

  1. Cemetery Race – To encourage more people to buy plots there, Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois, staged a 5K race and hired actors to dress up as well-known people who have been buried in the cemetery since it opened in 1857.
  2. Bad Start – The U.S Secret Service, tasked with protecting the President, was created by Abraham Lincoln on the day he was assassinated.
  3. Great Survivor – Violet Jessop, an Irish stewardess who survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, also lived through disasters involving her two sister ships – the sinking of the Britannic in 1916 and the collision of the Olympic with H.M.S. Hawke in 1911. A total of more than 1,500 people died in the three incidents.


This book is great for learning new things. Guaranteed you don’t know three-fourths of the stuff contained in the pages. I really enjoyed looking at the different pictures and learning some of the stuff in these pages. A great book with hundreds of facts.


$21.32 in Hardcover

The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson

Comfort of Black

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


The cover of this book perplexed me when I first saw it. Why was the cover black with a lighter on it? I found the answer to that in the prologue of this book and then I realized that the lighter was a great fit for the book just from what’s contained in the prologue alone.

The book starts when Hannah is fifteen years old and her sister, Justine, is twelve years old. Their father, Billy, is a raging alcoholic and has nightly rages. Hannah has finally had enough and has decided to set him on fire. She has long ago quit calling him dad and only refers to him as Billy, unlike her sister. When his rage finally subsides and he passes out, she quietly walks through the house and out to the garage and grabs the gas can. She is able to pour gas around him and on his legs. While gathering up the courage to actually set him on fire, his eyes pop open. He threatens her and then beats her like never before.

Her father was arrested and thrown in jail. For three years after that, their mother drank. She eventually drank herself to death. Hannah and Justine moved to Seattle and remain there which is where most of the story takes place.

In the first chapter, we learn that Hannah is thirty-five now so we’ve skipped a few years ahead. We get a little bit of backstory which is where we learn about the father being arrested and the mother drinking herself to death. Hannah is now married to Dallin, a millionaire. They met when Hannah was working at a hotel and he checked in there. He gave her a story of why he was there which wasn’t uncommon for guests checking into the hotel. A few weeks later, he returns and takes her out.

Dallin scares Hannah one night. They had sex and then he falls asleep after saying he’s sorry. He ends up talking and acting in his sleep. What he says really scares her and she distances herself from him. He notices and asks her what is wrong. They end up getting into it when she answers. Later on that week, Hannah finds something she wished she never would have found.


This is a captivating read. From the first page to the last I was entranced in the pages. I could just vision everything happening as I was reading. It’s those type of books that I absolutely love. A book that paints a picture so clear you can see it happening while you’re reading, placing you in another domain and reality for a while. (I sound crazy, don’t I? Lol.) This book was a fun read and I was sad to see it end. I wished it would have been longer. Although this book was 280 pages, it felt like it was really short. Definitely a book worth reading.


280 pages

Oceanview Publishing: $26.95 Hardback

Amazon Kindle: $9.99

Amazon Hardback: $20.31