An Heir for the Billionaire #1 by Bethany Rousseau

an heir for the billionaire

Jasmine has a boyfriend. Or I should say, had a boyfriend. She finds out he had cheated on her one night and realizes all the nights he said he was doing stuff with his mom or sister, he was actually cheating. She kicks him out of her house and smashes his phone on the sidewalk. A man was getting into his limo when he witnessed this and then asked Jasmine out right then and there. She accepts and they go out.

He takes her to the most expensive restaurant in town and doesn’t bat an eyelash when the bill is more than a thousand dollars. Randall, the man, asks Jasmine how adventurous she is and she answers him so they go on a little bit of an adventure.

She ends up with his business card at the end of the night and hatches a plan. She runs into him again only for him to propose an arrangement to her.

To find out what all happens in the meantime and to find out what the proposal is, you’ll have to grab your copy and read it.

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62 pages