The Secret to Happiness (Hugo the Happy Starfish #1) by Suzy Liebermann


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review!


The cover of this book drew me in. I knew it would be a book that I would like and one that my daughter would like. I read the story first before reading it to my daughter. The moral of this story is one that I like.

Hugo is a starfish who can’t find happiness that lasts. He talks to his friend Manta and Manta suggests a few things. The happiness from the suggestions of Manta lasts for a period but not long. One suggestion brings him happiness for a month and another for a year. Then Hugo decides on how the happiness can last for him. His idea is a great idea and really is something that all children can learn from.

When I read this book to my daughter, she loved it. She was pointing out the different colors of the starfishes and telling me what different things were in each picture. She really enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book. I don’t think the lesson of this story has sunk in with her but I know the more I read it to her, the more it will.

I would suggest getting this book for yourself and your kids. They will greatly enjoy all the images in the book and are sure to enjoy the story as well!


32 pages

$5.99 on Kindle

$15.95 Hardcover

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