Lie Zombie Lie (I Zombie #4) by Jack Wallen

lie zombie lie

This is the fourth installment to the I Zombie series by author Jack Wallen. I have previously reviewed the first three books in the series on my blog.


Bethany and Jacob are still alive. They are still in the house they were in when ambushed by the hoard of zombies at the end of the last book. Bethany knows they can’t stay there so they begin a journey to find somewhere safe and some other survivors. The ZDC is still quite active and is working on more plans than ever before.

Bethany finds a car with gas in it and she takes it. While leaving the city, she saves a girl from a screamer. The girl, Echo, joins Bethany and they become a team of sorts. They soon team up with a guy that they rescue. Echo and Gabe, the man they rescued, end up being close to each other even in the apocalypse.

They journey across America to Washington where Bethany’s hacker friend, Jamal, is there with some people who are ready to help her take down the ZDC. But it soon becomes clear that someone close to Bethany can’t be trusted. Baby Jacob is kidnapped and taken to the ZDC where a scientist contacts Bethany and says that Jacob will only remain alive if she doesn’t go after them. But we all know our Bethany, don’t we? Or do we? What does Bethany do? Who exactly is Jamal? Who stole Baby Jacob? Who lives and who dies in this thrilling and exciting fourth installment of the I Zombie series?


I’ve really liked the I Zombie series so far. And this book is no different. The books get more and more interesting as you read. There is more bloodshed and evolving zombies. The newest breed of zombie in this book scare me. If that was to ever happen, everyone better run like hell!!! A great addition to the zombie world and a great read to anyone’s collection. This is NOT a standalone and needs to be read after the previous three books otherwise it won’t make a whole lot of sense.


466 pages

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$2.99 I paid

Die Zombie Die (I Zombie #3) by Jack Wallen

die zombie

Die Zombie Die is the third book in hte I Zombie series by author Jack Wallen.

We know that Bethany, Jean and Michelle were all taken captive by the ZDC. They are all being held in separate rooms. They are all strapped down to gurneys to keep them in place. Bethany is the one that they want and the one they want to deliver her baby. They really don’t care about her, only the child growing inside of her.

This book is in the point of view of the head doctor at the ZDC, Danielle. She was working with Dr Lindsay Godwin from the first book on their cure-all pill when Lindsay was pulled away to the other project. She really had no part in the end of the world to her knowledge. She is working within ZDC walls to try and bring the ZDC down without them knowing. She has experiments locked up in some rooms and is trying to create a cure without the ZDC knowing. But they know it all. She just doesn’t know.

Michelle undergoes “surgery” to impregnate her with infected zombie sperm. She isn’t really impregnated with it but you don’t learn that until the end. The deception this woman puts forth is so maddening while reading this book! But she has her reasons and you learn to understand. Sam, one of the soldiers from the previous book, wants to break out Bethany, Michelle and Jean. So he goes in search of some of his former team members and finds them.

They eventually break into the ZDC and break out not only those three but rescue Danielle who Bethany wanted brought along and the man who orchestrated the end of the world. There is another cell operating in New York and they want the man who started the apocalypse. They plant a device on the back of Sam’s neck that is full of zombie virus and are all too willing to push the button to infect him if he doesn’t deliver John Burgess to them. He does and they release the device from his neck.

What comes next, in their words which are fitting, is a major shit storm!


This book was awesome to read. Although it was maddening at times because of the depth of her deception and her conflicting feelings, it is a GREAT read. Jack Wallen hit the mark again with this book.


Amazon Price: 3.99

I Paid: 2.99

Pages: 316

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My Zombie My (I Zombie #2) by Jack Wallen

my zombie

My Zombie My is the second book in the I Zombie series by Jack Wallen.

We know from the first book that Jacob turned eventually because of his bite and that Bethany put him down. We also know that Susan was bitten by him and infected. Bethany, Sally, Susan and Gunther make it to Paris. They hole up in a hospital. Bethany is keeping Susan sedated because it helped hold off the transformation for Jacob, so it could help with Susan, right? It’s been a week that she’s been under and she’s found a doctor who lives close to the hospital that is willing to risk his life to get there to help out.

Afterall, Bethany does have the encrypted file that contains the cure for what they have dubbed the Mengele Virus.  Jean, the doctor, makes it there ans assesses Susan. He knows that keeping her sedated is very risky so he wants to put her in a come which he thinks will help. Bethany agrees. He puts Susan in a come and keeps monitoring her. Bethany sets the laptop up to start cracking the file. All her auto-crackers fail and she is able to eventually get into it.

Things get worse before they get better. There is someone else in the hospital with them. And Bethany doesn’t like it. Which is spot on since he’s spying on them. She eventually catches him and they tie him up. Zander eventually becomes part of their team, but only in appearances. Bethany knows there is something up with him but she doesn’t know what it is. Two more survivors are brought into their group and she eventually trusts them. Mika is eventually injured on a run and Gunther is shot twice by a sniper while trying to save Mika and Michelle. They make it back to the hospital for things to only get worse from there.

Bethany eventually pieces things together and learns Zander’s role in everything. He’s supposed to spy on her and the little group and report back to the ZDC. The ZDC does NOT want Bethany and her group coming up with a cure for the virus and will stop at nothing to prevent her from doing that. When she tumbles to him, he states that he hasn’t reported on them since he became part of their group because he sees the passion and knows there is a need for the cure.

They make it out of the hospital and to another safe spot, with Bethany not trusting Zander with the location of the new spot. They make it there and somehow word gets out about where they are. Susan eventually turns into one of the moaners but only stronger. She is ripped to pieces by another super-charged screamer. Bethany failed to protect her like she promised Jacob so this brings her down.


There is so much more going on in this book than in the first one. Jack Wallen’s writing gets better with each book! I HIGHLY suggest reading this series!!


Amazon Price: $3.99

I Paid: $2.99

472 Pages

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I Zombie I (I Zombie #1) by Jack Wallen

i zombie


“I Zombie I” is the first book in the I Zombie series by Jack Wallen.  I first read this book back in 2013 when I first purchased it. I recently (within the last year lol) bought books 2-4. There are still 6 more books in the I Zombie series that I need and will eventually get.


Jacob Plummer is a journalist. A well respected one. He isn’t tied down with any family and no real friends so the newspaper he works for sends him all over the world. At present he is in  Munich, Germany. He is there to cover the unveiling of a device created by Dr. Lindsay Godwin that is going to help solve the energy crisis. Or so everyone believes.

On the morning of the revealing, Jacob is in his hotel room still. He is woken up by a huge blast. Looking out the window he sees nothing but wouldn’t see anything anyways because of how high up in the hotel he is. He tries calling down to the lobby with no answer. There is no news on the tv, only static. He decides to go investigating. Leaving his room, he goes down to the lobby and is creeped out. There are people lying dead all over the place. And it’s much the same when he goes outside.

There’s no one moving or breathing.  If he weren’t seeing things with his own eyes, he would believe they were all just napping peacefully and were going to pop up at any second. He starts shouting and is surprised. There is no echo and no other sounds around. He finally sees a body, and I say body because it wasn’t a living human but the body was moving. The body is covered in bite marks. He dubs this body as Flaky. Flaky ends up taking a chunk out of his cheek.

Jacob runs and locks himself in a convenience stores bathroom after having grabbed some first aid supplies. There hasn’t been enough time that the chunk and surrounding skin should be dead, but they are. He puts a ton of antiseptic ointment in the crater, packs it full of gauze and covers it. He leaves the convenience store and starts following some feet patterns in the falling ash.

This is all in the first chapter or two! There is no way I could describe even HALF of the stuff going on in this book without making this post a book itself. I HIGHLY suggest getting this book and reading it.


As we should all know by now, I LOVE zombie books. I’ve read this one before but with having the other books in the series now, I wanted to reread it. I had forgotten some of the things that happen in the book until I read it again! It wasn’t a disappointment the first time I read it and nor the second time.


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328 pages

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