Ivy (Blackbird #1) by Dahlia Donovan


Meet Ivy. From the first pages of the book she is a character you can’t help but to like.

Ivy decides to get out and go shopping for Christmas presents, since Christmas is only two days away. She ends up at a department store on the second level when things start going HORRIBLY wrong. There are terrorists in the store and are rounding up survivors that weren’t killed in the initial blast.

Ivy hides and ends up staying there for an hour or so before deciding she can’t hold her bladder anymore. She sneaks to the bathroom and as she’s trying to decide whether to stay in the bathroom or make her way back to her cubbyhole, she is grabbed from behind and dragged into a staff room. The man tells her that it’s important that she doesn’t scream and she nods her head. He moves his hand and he introduces himself, Steve, and the other man in the room, Gareth.

Steve explains that they work for a private security company that was sent in to take out the terrorists and rescue the hostages. There is already a bond forming between the three of them, and no, I’m NOT talking about Stockholm Syndrome.

Steve and Gareth get Ivy to safety after they meet up with their team and are told that a female is being held in one of the staff rooms. They had left Ivy there thinking it was safer there than with them. Steve and Gareth go in and kill the terrorists that had been torturing her. She goes to the hospital and ends up leaving before they can get there. Working for a security firm has it’s advantages though. They track her down.

Ivy is offput at first but doesn’t really mind after a while. Ivy is finally over the death of her husband and is ready to move on. Or is she?


This is a great book. I absolutely love Ivy, Steve and Gareth. I can’t wait to get the second book in the series.


99 cents on Kindle

98 pages