Awakenings by J.E. Shannon


This book is a good read right from the start. The cover draws you in to make you want to read the book. The story keeps you coming back until it’s finished.

Evie and her family are on a semester long trip of touring the country. They’ve been to several places and were in New Orleans when things went south. The hotel they were staying at was raided. People came in and kidnapped guests. Evie and her sister were taken. Evie wakes up in the ground with no memories of what had happened or how she got there.

A kind old lady stops her vehicle and picks Evie up. Instead of taking her to the authorities, she takes her to her son Ethan who is a private investigator. When they get there though, they know something is wrong. Evie puts Patti in the closet and goes looking through the house. She finds three men in the kitchen beating Ethan who has been tied up to a chair. The first man runs through the door and escapes but the twin men don’t get away. She dispatches both of them easily and then unties Ethan. He binds and sedates the men and then they all sit down after he makes a call to the other members of his team.

Part of Evie’s memory starts coming back as they’re talking and she realizes that the person he was hired to find was in the same place she and her sister were being held. Now if only she could remember where in the heck that was then they could save her sister and the one that Ethan was hired to find.


This is a good book. Like I said, it’ll have you reading from beginning to end in one sitting if possible. I really liked the cover and that’s what sold me on reading this book. Evie is a great character that you root for the entire book. Ethan and the others are likable and make you want things to turn out the right way. Definitely worth the buy to have a book that will make you want to read it more than once!

What I really liked was the way the story is written. Some stories are full of “fluff” that doesn’t really need to be there. This book doesn’t have all the “fluff” to fill it. The world you imaging from the descriptions is as real as you make it. I could see this book being a movie.

$2.99 on Kindle

294 pages

***I received this book free in exchange for an honest opinion***