The Gathering: Killian and Lyra (The Gathering #1) by Ellis Leigh


Lyra is a female wolf with the Bloodstone pack. Their alpha has kicked out many un-mated males from the pack. He chose three females, including Lyra, to be part of his winter bed mates. She is disgusted with him. But by being with him, she was invited to a gathering of wolves.

Killian O’Shea is the alpha wolf from a pack in North Carolina. He hates going to these things but it’s been two decades since anyone from his pack has mated. So he chooses a group of men and women from his pack to take with him.

When he is introduced, he stalks into the room. His eyes are immediately drawn to Lyra. He and his wolf immediately know that she is their mate just like she recognizes it. But her alpha is a dick,to put it nicely. He refuses to let Lyra go with Killian as he has the right to keep her for two days after a mate claim is made.

Unfortunately for him, Killian is NOT going to wait those two days. Or is he?


This was a nice short book. This is a first read for me by Ellis Leigh. If only Killian was a real person. That’s all I will say. (Lol) This is a good book. There is not shifting in it which is unusual for these kinds of books but refreshing at the same time.


Received free on promo. Still free at the time of this posting

42 pages