Satellite (The Satellite Trilogy #1) by Lee Davidson


“Satellite” is the first book in the “Satellite Trilogy” by author Lee Davidson.

Grant has died. And he knows he’s died and woke up in Hell. Or what he perceives to be Hell at first. There are a ton of people who have died and are going to become Satellites. Satellites are pretty much guardian angels who keep people on their paths. Satellites are attached to others who have had tragedies happen in their lives such as losing a loved one or any other tragedy.

Grant’s teacher, what they call Legacy’s, is Willow. She is his exact opposite and they irritate each other from the beginning. Grant was engaged to be married and died of cancer. He can’t let his fiancee, Tate, go and it really irks Willow that he refuses to let go of his memories. The strange thing is, their memories fade but Grant’s have faded at all. Satellites, Legacies and others don’t sleep. They “code.” It’s a type of meditation. When Grant tries it, he fails miserably. Willow told him to go to his happy place and Tate was it. So when he visualized her, she ACTUALLY saw him. It took Willow a little while to be able to wake him up and was freaked out by it but then tells him to keep it to himself and not tell everyone.

Grant begins his training to become a Satellite but it doesn’t go over as well as he had hoped or how well anyone else had hoped. It goes better as he is a natural and it surprises everyone, including his trainer. He made a few friends while waiting around to be told what was going on: Anna and Rugby. When Willow takes him down to eat, he meets her friends and makes a couple more with Claire, Owen and some others.


This was a great book! It pulls you in from the beginning to the end. I just couldn’t put the book down while reading it. I like how Grant refuses to let go of his past but also refuses to let his past get in the way of his job. Grant isn’t passive about the changes and asks questions along the way which really irks Willow. (I think he does it part of the time just to irritate her more than he already does.) This book was a great read and I will definitely keep it in my collection. I will be getting the second and third parts in the future when I can!


I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review!.

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