Fire in a Haystack (Legal Thriller #1) by Erez Aharoni

Fire in a Haystack

I received this book at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


Ofer Angel tends to be a trouble maker at school. Just the day before, his father was in the vice-principal’s office because he decided to moon some other students. His father didn’t yell at him or belittle him. Instead, they went out for pizza and had a nice day. Then before they separated ways his father slaps him across the face and tells him he needs to man up and quit acting like a child.

The next day, during a commotion in class dealing with a mouse, the vice-principal enters the room and requests for Ofer. He follows her and then she tells him that he needs to return home because there is something wrong with his father. He is escorted home and when he gets there, the apartment is packed. He learns of his father’s death. He overhears a few men talking and learns of his father doing some shady stuff. It was the shame of the shady dealings that led him to kill himself.

Fast forward ten years to the future. Ofer is now in his mid-twenties. He went to law school and is now an intern at a prestigious law firm. He is supposed to stay with a witness to a trail. The witness dismisses him and seeing no problem with leaving him alone, Ofer leaves. He waits in the hotel lobby for the witness, who happens to be one of the men he overheard talking about his father on the same day he perished.

Ofer gets a maid to open the room to the witnesses suite after bribing her with money and stating he’ll loose his job if he doesn’t get him there immediately. He stumbles around, not having a card to turn the light on. He turns over the witnesses suitcase and contents spill everywhere. The maid turns the lights on and they see the horror strung out before them. The man is in bed, naked with a female. Only problem is, the man is dead.


I loved reading this book. I’m a fan of thrillers but if you make it a legal thriller, it’s much better. I like how the author spun this story. And especially to bring a disease into it that hasn’t been around in a long time. The characters, mainly Ofer, are easy to relate to and to understand. The world that is created through this book is amazing and you can actually picture the events happening and seeing them in your minds eye while reading. A great story and one that will be staying in my collection for the foreseeable future!


375 pages

$3.99 on Kindle

The Copy: A Suspense Legal Thriller Novella by Grant Boshoff

the copy

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


Geoffrey Bartell the Third is on trial for first-degree murder. The problem is that the prosecution has no idea as to who the victim is. There are no matches to his fingerprints or DNA in the database and they’re pretty sure that even without it, they will win the case. But they aren’t 100% certain on that.

Geoffrey and his lawyer have a very peculiar plan in order to defend Geoffrey. Not one witness is questioned at the time the prosecution questions them. They eventually call the same forensics expert that the prosecution worked and through his words, the match to the DNA and fingerprints of the dead man were the same as Geoffrey Bartell the Third’s. This causes an uproar in the courts.

The two lawyers and judge go behind closed doors and the judge lets the two lawyers have at each other for a few minutes before he decides the testimony still stands. The next witness on the stand is the accused himself, Geoffrey. And what he says, causes an even bigger uproar than the forensic expert.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It flowed nicely and there were no questions that weren’t unanswered. This book is definitely a legal thriller laced with suspense. I read this book in a matter of 2 hours and was glued to the screen the entire time I was reading. I would highly recommend this book for those that like legal thrillers or just thrillers in general.


151 pages

$2.99 on Kindle