Careful by Randy Anderson



Book Description:

For two decades Tyler Gibbons has been keeping a secret from his family. At the tender age of sixteen, Tyler embarks on a student exchange program. Sent to the Andean city of Ambato, Ecuador, he finds daily adventure as he tries to fit in at school, connect with his host family, and navigate through a world of beaches, volcanoes, and jungles. But tucked deep inside this year are events so profound, so unexpected, they forever shape the man he will become.

Now, 25 years later, his mother pulls these soaring tales from her son, exposing, for the first time, the source of a deep unhappiness. While these memories contain the wounds of an unresolved past, they also possess the power to heal his painful present.

Thoughtfully crafted and boldly told, Tyler’s journey takes the reader on a wild South American adventure, while illuminating a mother’s unyielding power to heal her child.


The book starts out with Tyler getting to the hospital when he learns his mother is there. They won’t tell him what is wrong or anything. They just tell him to get there. Tyler arrives at the hospital and his mother wants to hear what happened when he went on a student exchange program when he was 16. He ended up going to Ecuador and she wanted to know what really happened and not the cryptic stuff that he kept telling her.

Tyler begins regailing her with his tale of what happened in Ecuador. She sees through his bullshit almost immediately and tells him to tell her the real story and not to make himself look like a hero. So the tale begins. Tyler was sixteen and was glad to be going somewhere else. But he didn’t think he’d feel as out of place as he did there. He didn’t speak any Spanish. Luckily, there were other students going to Ecuador with him and they were all close to each other.

Tyler and the others are mischievous and it shows in his tales of what happened. I had to laugh at some of the ways the author had Tyler trying to talk in Spanish.


This was a good book! I honestly liked it. Reading the description, I wasn’t too sure but when I started reading it, it changed my mind. I read this book in a few sittings. I would have preferred to have read it in one but when you have a boisterous 4 year old in the house, that rarely happens unless I read late at night. 🙂 I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys coming of age novels.


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