Praying for Grace (Grace #5) by M Lauryl Lewis

Praying for Grace

This is the fifth book in the Grace series by author M. Lauryl Lewis. This book was just as good as the rest but filled with TONS of surprises. This book shocked me from the beginning to the end. We gained some people but more was lost than gained. I like how the series ends but am hoping for another series. One that follows the baby, perhaps?


Gus is back. He’s not dead like we all assumed he was. He was rescued by others who are infected and when he get’s stronger, they go to rescue Zoe and the others. Boggs and two others go on a scouting trip to get more supplies, especially for Emmett, the baby they found. Zoe stays in the lighthouse on the island with Emmett. Gus goes and saves them and takes them his new home. Zoe learns that he has a connection with a lady that lives there, one of the ones that picked her up actually. At first she’s jealous but then realizes Gus only wants her.

A girl ends up sick and turns. She kills her mother. Zoe and Gus are in the same bunker with Emmett. Zoe hears it first before waking Gus up. The lady Gus has the connection with ends up down there with them. When they emerge from their rooms, Gus gets Zoe and Emmett from the bunker. The girl runs through the bunker and there’s too many places to hide while it’s dark. Zoe runs and gets some other guards but not before hearing they were from the evacuation center and that they were after Zoe and the baby she was pregnant with. (Yes, you read that right. Our Zoe is pregnant with baby number two.)


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Fallen Grace (The Grace Series #4) by M Lauryl Lewis


Zoe, Boggs, Gus, Nathan, Susan and more return in the fourth installment of the Grace series. From previous books you know the world has gone to hell. Literally.

The world is plagued with zombies and now other creatures. There are zombies who can talk and walk, worm like things, things hunting and killing zombies and more.

Zoe is thrown for a loop one day when out on the beach. She comes across something that NEVER should have been there but was. Zoe’s powers are getting stronger but weaker at the same time.

They loose several people in their new “family” but gain others in the long run. One of the ones whose been there from the beginning is lost but it’s not who you would have expected to perish first!



I really like all the books in the Grace series. I am waiting on the fifth installment to come out. Hopefully it is soon.


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222 pages

Dark Grace (The Grace Series #3) by M. Lauryl Lewis


This is the third installment of the Grace series by M. Lauryl Lewis. The gang returns in this book as well as a few new characters.

Some of the group are lost, both to other humans and to zombies. I’m not going to tell you who was lost though.

Boggs finds out about Zoe and Gus and walks out on the group. The group as a whole, minus Zoe and Gus decide to leave where they were holed up at the time. Zoe and Gus go looking for them after Gus is better to find they had fled their new home in a hurry. They find a map and Zoe recognizes the area so they set out on the road to there.

They hit several bumps along the way and some of them aren’t easy bumps to recover from but they make it through. What all happens on their journey? Many things happen and no amount I write in this could do this book or the series justice in my opinion.

I would seriously suggest picking up this series if you are into zombie novels or post-apocalyptic scenes.

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387 pages

Tainted Grace (The Grace Series #2) by M Lauryl Lewis


This is the second book in the Grace series. 

Zoe, Boggs, Em, Gus and more return in the second installment of this series. By now, you know that Zoe is pregnant with Boggs baby. Gus used to be a medic in the army and he knows the Zoe is measuring bigger than what she should at just over 8 weeks pregnant. And it only gets worse each day.

Their home and area the home is in is breached. There are people out there luring the zombies closer to their house. When they go out one morning, Gus spots the glint off a pair of binoculars and hurries to get Zoe and Boggs back in the house without making it look like they were spooked. Everyone spends the night in the attic and then emerges into the cabin the next morning. They have two guests who are not infected and they invite them in.

Together they all start making plans to get back to their cabin to get the others and then go in search of an island that they can make into their home. They run along some problems along the road of leaving the cabin they’ve been in and to the island in the end.

What all goes wrong for this band of survivors? What goes right for them? Let me tell you, more goes wrong for them than you think.

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic books or zombie books, I suggest reading this series. I have finished the first and second books and am getting ready to start on the third. Normally, I take breaks while reading books. But when I read the first book and now this second book, I read them all the way through.

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343 pages

Grace Lost (The Grace Series #1) by M. Lauryl Lewis


This is the first book in the Grace Series. I have read it before but just recently got two more books that are in the series. So I just reread it.

This first book is about the outbreak and surviving lift in the zombie world. Zoe Kate and Adam Boggs have been best friends forever. Boggs is three years older than Zoe and is back visiting from college when the world goes to hell. They were in the woods at the cabin they used to always hang at when they both noticed something was horribly wrong.

One of the men they had buried a few days before, was walking! Through the woods. Towards them. Boggs grabs Zoe and pushes her inside the cabin and shuts the door and then scoots the loveseat in front of the door. It didn’t weigh much so the old man was moving it. Zoe climbs out the back window and lands on her hip, cutting herself. Boggs follows behind and they go to his parents house as it’s closer than her house.

They load his explorer up with supplies and then leave. They run into trouble on the road when they stop for gas but a guy named Gus saves them and joins them on their travels. Zoe ends up getting really sick and scares both of them as they don’t think she’ll make it at first. She ends up pulling through it and they move on with another new addition to their “family”.

What all happens from here on out? Let me answer that for you. A LOT happens. And I mean a lot.

I am a fan of post-apocalyptic and zombie books and this one doesn’t disappoint at all. I have the other two books in this series so I will start reading them next. 

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