Assassin’s Touch (Iron Portal #1) by Laurie London

Assassin's Touch

Assassin’s Touch is the first book in the Iron Portal series by author Laurie London. It seems like a lot of books I’ve gotten lately, have only been filled with multiple stories with no claim to be more than what was advertised. So I was sure this book was going to be like that. It’s not. This entire book is this story with no others in it!

Laurie London is a new to me author. I really liked this book. The characters are well-built and not just flat.

Neyla is a Talent soldier on the Pacifican side of the portal. There are two sides: the Pacifican and the Cascadian although the Cascadian is referred to as the Barrowlands or Barbarians. (Really, it should be the other way around.) Since Neyla is a protection talent, she is automatically moved up the ranks in the Army and skips most of the grueling tests the others have to go through so they hate her immediately.

Her talent was discovered a year ago when she was riding on a train and bombs blew it off the rails. Everyone in her car lived and there was no explanation other than a latent protection talent was in there. Everyone was tested and it came back that Neyla was the Talent! This mission was to find a portal and stop any of the enemy who came through. Only that’s not quite how it worked out.

Smythe, another soldier, really hates Neyla and ends up pushing her over the cliff where she falls and lands on a ledge, unconscious. Unknown to her or the other soldiers, the portal is very close to that ledge and Rickert is hiding on the ledge in the shadows. He in instantly pissed that a soldier would do that to one of their own but to a woman no less. When Smythe gets down to the ledge, he doesn’t make it much longer as Rickert kills him and sends him over the ledge and down to the rocks below.

Rickert ends up taking Neyla through the portal. Instead of handing her over to Louis at the jail, he takes her to the castle and gives her his old room and he takes the one next to it. Things are tense between them before things come to light at the market one day. Rickert is a talent too and more than just a fire talent like they had always thought. But it takes Neyla to bring his other power out.


This was a good book to read. It held by attention the entire time and I was longing for more! This story is different from other books I’ve read based on it’s type and the way it flows. There are “normal” people like us, ones perceived as “barbarians”, fata (magic) talents and so many more things that set this book apart from any others. I consider it a short book at only 175 pages but it’s a DAMN good 175 pages! I honestly have no complaints other than the length but hey, we all know I like really long books. 😀


175 pages

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$7.99 Paperback

***I purchased this book for free while on promo***

Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce


I received this book free from Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review of the book.

Sierra is a fairy keeper and she hates it. Her father is a dark alchemist and forces her to take more nectar from the fairies than she should. And she does it to keep her little sister Phoebe safe. One day, all the fairies, except the queen die after an earthquake. She knows that Jack, her father, is going to be beyond pissed when he finds out. Bentwood, another dark alchemist from two ports over, just so happens to be over that night for dinner and to talk business with Jack.

Since there won’t be anymore nectar, Jack and Bentwood come to a new agreement. Sierra has two fortnights, or a month, to find a wild fairy queen and bring it back to the hatch. If she doesn’t have a fairy queen by that time, then Phoebe will go work for Bentwood. And Sierra really hates that idea. Jack calls on Nell, one of his runners and enforcers, to travel with Sierra as he doesn’t want her doing anything stupid while on the journey. Sierra’s first instinct is to go to Corbin, the other fairy keeper in the same port and the same age as her. They arrive to his hatch to find it empty and all the fairies except the queen dead as well.

Corbin sets out on the journey with Nell and Sierra. It’s awkward between them because Nell likes Corbin and is jealous of the friendship between him and Sierra. Sierra doesn’t like Corbin in that way and soon feels like a third wheel when it’s obvious that Corbin likes Nell. Things go from bad to worse on their journey to find either their fairy queens or to find a while fairy queen.


This book is packed full of adventure and fantasy. This book had me hooked from cover to cover. This book has it all. Adventure, fantasy, magic, romance and some action as well. Definitely a book I will be keeping in my library and returning to in the future! I must say that some spots took me by surprise as I had pictured the outcomes of a few things differently.

Unhallowed Curse (Sacred Guardians #2) by Wendy L Owens


Gabe, Uri, Sophie, Dina and others return in the second installment of the Sacred Guardians series by Wendy Owens.

The book starts out with Gabe taking his tests. He is to face three creatures to see if he is ready to advance from second year to third year student at Rampart. He defeats the three creatures but Michael, the headmaster, thinks he could have done things differently and that he was too flashy while doing it. Part of being a third year is going out on missions with fellow students but Michael doesn’t feel that Gabe is ready for this. Gabe is passed to a third year status but with the stipulation of NO missions.

Then things start going wrong. Dina and Raimie are the perfect couple but start fighting and end up casting spells against each other. And Sophie, who is normally a sweet girl, starts to get angered at the littlest things. Gabe knows that something is wrong but one one wants to listen to him at first.

Michael, Uri and Gabe all leave Rampart Uri and Gabe head to Iron Gate while Michael heads off in the opposite direction in order to lead the trackers on the wrong path. Uri and Gabe make it to Iron Gate but Patina, the headmistress there, doesn’t like them interfereing and she ends up putting them under room arrest. They sneak out of their rooms and run into a female student who had actually been on her way to meet with them.

She takes them where they want to go and then all hell breaks loose.


This was a great book. I thought the first book was good but it was NOTHING compared to this second book. I highly recommend this series from Wendy Owens.


$2.99 on Kindle

299 pages


Sacred Bloodlines (The Sacred Guardians #1) by Wendy L Owens


Meet Gabe. He knows there is something wrong with him but he doesn’t know what it is. He can see auras around some people. But only when they are faced with certain death. He has this sighting one day while at the train station.

The train station rocks some as a small explosion occurs. He hides under a bench as the ceiling comes caving in. A strange guy walks up and sits down on the bench. Gabe pretends to be out of it but the stranger doesn’t stop in her persistence of a conversation with Gabe or from getting him out from under the bench.

The stranger is able to distract the cops so that they can leave the subway station. They get on Gabe’s dirt bike and ride off, meeting up with Sophie in an older Mustang Shelby GT some hours later. As they get closer and closer to the manor, they realize the danger that’s coming.

Uri and Sophie make Gabe stay in the car, hidden. They get out of the car and that’s when things get surreal for Gabe. He hears them fighting and he pops up to see what’s going on. That’s when Gabe thinks he is loosing his mind. Sophie technically dies but Gabe saves her and brings her back. He blacks out after that.

There is plenty more adventures in this book. This is all only in the first couple of chapters!!!!



I highly recommend this book. All the characters in this book are well-developed and seem more like real people than characters in a book. You can’t help but to like the characters and root for them in their trials and errors throughout the book.


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270 pages