Mask of Fire by Michel Prince


Abigail Stone is going to be attending what is known as the Harvesters Gala. The women get to choose which man in the middle of the room they want to take to a room to have sex with. The thought behind this is that if a man can satisfy the woman, then they are made for each other. The men and women wear masks to hide the eyes as a lot can be learned from someone’s eyes.

Barton Nuril is a crown prince who is forced to go to this every year and can’t return home until he has been claimed. A group of women gather around him and begins to fight over who gets him first. When Abigail lays eyes on him, she decides that she will be getting him. She forces her way to him and forcefully takes him after confronting the other women. A cleric gets them a room and they go to it.

While taking a break after the first act, and not wanting to let the man go yet, Abigail goes out onto the balcony. She makes a statement about fireworks coming from the north. With Barton being a crown prince and a soldier, he knows they aren’t fireworks. He gives her a candleabra to hold to use should anyone decide to come into the room besides him. He opens the door to find a cleric waiting and asking if there is a doctor. Abigail is a doctor and Barton has some field training.

They go down to the basement of the castle where other clerics are running around tending to those who have sores and high fevers. The sores manifest on the thighs of men and on the spines of women. An explosion rocks the castle and Barton pulls Abigail into a corner where the structure is more secure. He decides that he needs to get to the castle and help protect his family. Abigail stakes her claim to him. Normally, they would be married within the hour and sequestered away somewhere for a week. But things aren’t normal at the moment.

Barton leaves the island and makes it to the mainland where Abigail eventually catches up to him and they make it into the castle together. But what happens inside and who makes it out alive?


This book was a good read. I enjoyed reading it. I was rooting for Barton and Abigail from the beginning. It was rather surprising on who all ended up sick and who didn’t. Definitely will be keeping this on my Kindle.


105 pages

Amazon Kindle: $0.99

Amazon Paperback: $6.99

Price I Paid: Gift as I won it during a giveaway