Huck: The Montana Brothers (Mountain Men of Montana #1) by Alison Ryan

Huck is the first book in the Mountain Men of Montana series by author Alison Ryan. This is a good first book to the series and I can’t wait for more to come.

Belle Delford is on the run. From her old life. A mom she wanted to please after her father died. An abusive fiancee. And from being the bourbon princess to the Delford Distillery.

She lands in Whitmer, Montana. She at The Side Pocket which is a bar. She takes four shots of Maker’s Whiskey in less than thirty minutes. She’s handling it well until she gets up to leave. That’s when she ends up being carried to her room after she pukes on the bars floor by one of the owners, Huck. She had met him earlier when he bought her a shot of whiskey. She was mortified the next morning when she woke up and remembered what had happened.

Heading to The Waffle Hut she runs into Rick, the man who manages the bar and his nephew Hayes. Huck walks in shortly after Rick insists that Belle join them. She is very uncomfortable the whole time. From the time that Huck had bought her a shot, he had been really distant and kind of an asshole already. Belle decided she was going to pack up and keep going until she found another freeway rest stop town.

Only one problem. She had been cut off. Her mother turned off all her cards. She had a note waiting back at the hotel on her door. It wasn’t until they ran another card that she knew she’d been cut off. She was in deep water. No gas in her car. No money. No home. She ends up across the street at the bar and spilling her guts to Rick. He comes up with a suggestion. They’re looking for another bartender and he offers her the job.

Huck doesn’t think she’ll make it. He challenges her on the best and worst whiskey they have and she shows him up on her knowledge of it. (I kinda really loved this scene.) He decides to give her a chance seeing as he owns the bar.

Let’s just say, I love the dysfunctional part of them until he comes to his senses. When that happens, everything goes fast. Only there’s a few issues that arise before the end of the book. (I loved one scene very much and if you read this book, you should be able to figure it out.)


I think Alison Ryan has a knack for writing about hot guys and their feisty females. Her words blend seamlessly together. My favorite character has to be Huck. He’s hot, brooding and will fight anyone who messes with his staff or patrons of the bar.

The world Alison creates is believable. I could easily see this whole book unfolding in real life.

Happy release week. This book was just released on the 20th.

99 cents

114 pages

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