Product Review: Kuuqa Stainless Steel Multifunction Clips (20 pack)


As stated in the title, these multi-functional clips are made of stainless steel. So they will go with any idea you have. I could even see them spray painted if you don’t like the regular stainless steel color. Each individual clip consists of an “s” hook, an odd shaped hook and a clip. The clip is held to the “s” hook by the odd shaped hook in the middle. All three pieces are stainless steel and not just the hook or clip.

There are twenty that come in a pack so more than plenty for any light job you need done. The suggested uses for these clips are for hanging lights and for home uses and party uses. These would make great clips to hang party supplies from. In face, in September when it’s my daughter’s birthday, I’m going to use these clips to hang some decorations from the ceiling and I’m also going to use them to hold up a photo prop background instead of taping/stapling/nailing it to the wall.

These clips will save lots of damage to walls. If you have a spot where the S hook can attach, then there is no need for additional holes in your walls or ceilings. These can and will hold just about anything. We’ve used a few of these to hold my daughter’s art work while it dries. (I didn’t get any pictures of her painted pictures that she did. Darn it!) We’ve been using these for craft assistance when we have stuff that needs dried or we have papers that we just don’t want to use.

If one clip isn’t long enough, you can definitely hook a few together to create a longer chain. Each clip is around two and a half inches in length.

While I like the clips, I didn’t like the small plastic bag they came in. A regular little bag that closes like a Ziploc bag. The clips got tangled together and it took me a while to untangle all of them. Maybe using some kind of cardboard packaging that keeps them separated in it’s own individual slot or something to keep them separated and from getting tangled. (Doesn’t necessarily have to be cardboard.)

These clips are sold in a 20 pack by KuuqaDirect on Amazon for $8.99 a pack. That makes each hook less than 50 cents each which I think is a decent price. While I received my pack free to try, I think $8.99 is a decent price and wouldn’t mind paying that price in the future should the need arise and I need more of these clips. Overall a great product minus the packaging.

***I received my pack of 20 Kuuqa multifunctional clips free in exchange for my honest opinion. All statements are my own thoughts.***