My Devouring Love #3: Surviving the Dead by Donna Neville-Theiler

Surviving the Dead

I’ve read four of the other books in this series, the first two books and two novellas that go with it. I really enjoy the works by this author. I will say, this book needs a little bit of editing done with it. There’s some punctuation and wrong words used but still a good read overall.


Jeremiah, Abby, Ava, Gary and others return. From book two we knew that Ava and one of the boys, Connor or Jeremiah, made it out of Connor’s place unscathed while the other was bitten. But we didn’t know which was going to end up among the undead masses. They make it to where everyone else is, that survived the ambush anyways. Jeremiah goes on a run with Gary, Marshall and Tyler while Connor stays laid up in the office of the warehouse they’re in. Connor ends up perishing a few hours later but not before making Jeremiah promise he will keep Abby and Ava safe.

There’s so much going on that I just don’t know what to tell ya’ll and what not too. Abby, Jeremiah and Gary end up separated from everyone else but try to make it to the meet up point they had all designated. There are a lot of trials and errors before the end of this book.


There’s a lot of loss in this book. We loose several of our favorite and beloved characters, one of which is Connor. I won’t name anyone else that dies but just know that I cried a few times reading this book. I love this series. I’m pretty sure with the way it was left the series is over but I really hope there is more too it! I really hope this series doesn’t end the way this book leaves off. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great point to stop it but I REALLY like this series and want it to keep going. Am I being selfish? I’ll admit to being that way when it comes to this series and wanting it to continue! 😀


310 pages

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Rachel and Charlie’s Untold Story (My Devouring Love Series Short) by Donna Neville-Theiler


“Rachel and Charlie’s Untold Story” is a short story in the “My Devouring Love” series by Donna Neville-Theiler. I have read books 1, 2 and 2.5 in the series and have one book left to read at the moment. I WILL be getting it sometime in the future when funds are available!


Rachel and Charlie are married and have a 2 year old son as well as Racehl being pregnant. Rachel took her son to the doctor earlier the day and he got a flu shot. Luckily she was pregnant and couldn’t get one right then.  Charlie arrives home from work and Rachel tells him that she thinks Brice is sick. He thinks she’s just worrying too much until she takes his temp and it his over 105 degrees.

They get him in the car and get to the hospital. But there are hundreds of people already there. All with the same symptoms of a high fever and vomiting. They think they’re lucky because Brice isn’t vomiting but after over an hour of waiting, he vomits all over Charlie. Rachel takes him and cleans him up while Charlie goes and changes his shirt. It’s finally their turn to be taken into the back to a room. They are put in a room and told to stay there followed by the door being shut. After a while the doctor comes in. An army soldier is with him. Things get bad when an army soldier takes out zip ties and ties Brice to the bed.

They won’t explain anything to Rachel or Charlie and they both almost get thrown out of the hospital. They calm down and eventually, Brice changes into one of those things. At that point they didn’t know what they were. Things go from bad to worse. Charlie and Rachel make it out of the hospital and back to their apartment building. But soon soldiers start ransaking the building. They shoot a man in one of the lower apartments and take his wife as hostage. Charlie and Rachel hide in the storage space above their apartment and are undetected then.

A few days later the soldiers come back and they make a run for it. They make it to another building where a lady takes them to an apartment with to girls. They allow Rachel and Charlie to stay with them. Charlie and one of the girls goes out on a supply run while Rachel and the other stay at the apartment. Only, it doesn’t go so well. The apartment is invaded by the girls boyfriend and what turns out to be the soldiers.


This book might be short but it has a lot going on in it. This is a sad book but a happy one at the same time, if you can imagine that. I have liked the other books in the series and this one is no different. The book does need some editing done with some misspelled words and missed punctuation but it’s nothing major that can’t be overlooked. I suggest reading the other books in this series.


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Pages: 118

My Devouring Love: Jeremiah’s Untold Story (Short Story #2.5) by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 2.5

This is a short story that takes place at the same time as part of the second book. You would have to read it to understand how it’s played out.

Jeremiah is tired of Abby’s attitude and being ignored by her. He realizes things aren’t easy with him there and her non-dead boyfriend Conner. He and Conner can not get along at all except when it’s protecting Abby or her sister Ava.

Jeremiah finally looses it and snaps on Abby and storms off by himself for the day. Later that evening/night, Conner approaches him and he says some things to Jeremiah. Later that same night, Jeremiah’s father tells him that they have to leave the farm. Conner’s father wants them gone since they can’t get along. So they leave early the next morning. But Jeremiah refuses to go far at all from Abby. He knows she’ll change her mind and really wants him. Or at least he’s hoping anyways.

Things get bad for a while for him when depression sets in but he pulls himself out of it when his mom tells him that his dad has been gone longer than 24 hours. He knows he needs to get his crap together so he doesn’t get his mother, niece and nephew killed.

What happens in between these interesting tidbits? A LOT. And I mean a LOT. For this being a short story, the author has packed the pages.


Normally, I don’t like short stories. To me, if they are part of a series, they don’t normally add any information to what has already been read. In this case, it fills us in on Jeremiah and it’s actually a good short story. I really like this series and can’t wait on the third book to come out!


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79 pages


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My Devouring Love #2: Losing All Hope by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 2

Abby, Ava, Jeremiah, Conner and the others return in the second book to the My Devouring Love series.

Jeremiah and Abby have made it back to Pineville and are staying at the farm that Conner’s parents own. Abby refuses to make a decision between Jeremiah and Conner. So Jeremiah gets pissed off one day, writes a note and leaves. This in turn pisses Abby off. She goes on a search for him and is looking for him with where she thought he would have been going. But she was wrong! Very wrong.

Conner finally comes clean and gives her the letter that Jeremiah had wrote her and that he had taken before she could read it or even know about it. Turns out they were heading in the wrong direction on their search.

What happens? Does Abby choose Conner? Or does she choose Jeremiah in the end? Or does she say screw you to both of them and decide to be alone for a while?


Why? Just why would the author leave the ending the way she does?! Now I have to wait for the third book to come out and I don’t know when it’s coming out!

It’s usually cliffhanger endings like this that throw me off of books. I’ll read the first one but fare well to all the others. But with this series, I intend to keep reading it once the third part comes out.

A great zombie novel.

(This book DOES need editing done. There is missed punctuation, grammar, spelling, added words and missed words.)


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My Devouring Love: The First Weeks by Donna Neville-Theiler

my devouring love 1

Abigail is sixteen years old. Her sister is six years old. Their parents are recently divorced and her father moved four hours away. He came and go them and was keeping them a week and returning them to their mother the day before Christmas.

But things go horribly wrong the first night when they get back to his house after he picked them up. He is a doctor and was called in with an emergency. He wakes Abby up and lets her know. It is more than 24 hours before he returns to his house. He knows he is infected. He filled his car with gas and he had Abby gather her and Ava’s things while he gathered some food for them.

But while he was gathering the food, he turned. Abby is able to get her and Ava into the vehicle and to safety for a while. One thing leads to another and they meet up with another group of survivors at a gas station. They join up with them and agree to make it these people’s daughters house and then on to Pineville to check on their mother and Conner, Abby’s boyfriend.

Abby and Jeremiah, one of the boy’s from the new group, end up separated from the others on a scavenging mission. What happens to them? Do they eventually find the others? Are they overrun with zombies and become zombies themselves? To find the answer to this, grab this book while it’s free.



This was a GREAT book. I am a fan of zombie books and movies alike. This one had my attention from the front cover to the end of the story. I SERIOUSLY can’t wait to get the second one and review it as well! The only thing I noticed, was a few errors throughout the book with spelling, wording and punctuation. But it is no where near as bad as other’s I’ve read and it’s easy to overlook it in this book. 🙂


99 cents on Kindle

261 pages