From Best Friends to Lovers by April Dryad


This is a new release, only having been out since the 3rd of this month.

June has broken up with her boyfriend of ten years, Sebastian. Her family was very excited by this, almost too excited. She’s been online friends with Jason for over ten years and they’ve literally talked about everything. Jason has always been there for June and has always supported her through things.

She’s ready to meet him in person as he’s ready to meet her as well. So she’s going to go visit him for ten days. It’s a seven hour bus ride to get to the town he lives in. Her nerves are working overtime and she’s not sure she should go through with this.


This is a short story, only around 17 pages. This story fills you in on their pasts some and it’s not raunchy like a lot of erotica books I’ve read. This is one of the cleaner versions I’ve read and I really like this one.

I don’t think this was set up to actually become part of a series but I could see it turning into one. It’s left open so that a sequel could be written if the author wanted too.

I would recommend this book to those readers out there who want some romance but also erotica with it that isn’t overly raunchy or way out there.

A great new author I’ve discovered.