At His Service (A Playboys of Boston Novel) by Suzanne Rock

At His Service

I received this book in a prize pack I won from Night Owl Reviews. 🙂


Karin Norell is an intern at the Palazzo hotel in Boston, owned by the Perconti family. She used to work at a hotel owned by Stone Enterprises and was dating the man who owned them. But she found out he was cheating on her and she left after quitting her internship there. After talking to her professor, they got her the job at the Palazzo. Once she graduates, she wishes to manage hotels and run them.

Karen’s day starts out bad. Several people from housekeeping have called in so she is forced to grab a cart and head up the penthouse that belongs to the Perconti’s. Leo Perconti, the one in charge of all of the Perconti family holdings, is going to be arriving to go over the books with his brother who runs the hotel. The numbers just aren’t adding up and Leo wants to get to the bottom of it.

After being caught in the Perconti penthouse when she should have long been gone and after witnessing a conversation between Leo and another brother, she ends up in more trouble than she bargained for. His brother had promised to send him a woman that would show him a good time. Leo mistakes Karin for that girl. After the real girl shows up, Karin escapes into an elevator wrapped in nothing more than a bed sheet. Luckily for her, Leo didn’t know that she worked for him so her job was safe, for the moment.

Things go from bad to worse. Leo likes Karin, which he isn’t sure he likes or not. After a scandalous photo of them having sex on the penthouse balcony appears in a paper, everyone is wanting to know who the maid is that is sleeping with the boss. Only the housekeeping manager knows as he is one of Karin’s best friends and she tells him everything.

Eventually, the staff want to go on strike and they do it right before Arianna Perconti’s wedding which is supposed to happen in the hotel. Karin is brought into the crossfire because she now had a new position as Leo’s personal assistant and was living in the penthouse with him and rarely was seen out of it. They wanted ALL contact between the two to stop and for Karin to assume her old position. So that’s what happened. Karin learned by watching the press conference that Leo would have nothing else to do with her.

But what do Karin and Leo really want? What do the rest of the Perconti siblings want and how can they help Leo when he tells them some things he’s been hiding from everyone for a long time?


This was a great book. I was captivated from start to finish and read it in a few days. (I would have read it in one but I was helping watch my best friends youngest and oldest kids as the middle one was in the hospital for a week.) I honestly loved reading this book and will be checking into more books from Suzanne Rock as soon as possible. Her writing style is one that I like and is easy to get lost in the words and imagine you’re seeing it while reading it. Highly recommend this book to readers of romance and/or erotica.


389 pages

$7.99 Kindle

$7.99 Mass Market Paperback