Odin (Billionaire Titans 2) by Alison Ryan


Odin is the second book in the Billionaire Titans series by author Alison Ryan. This book picks up where Atlas left off. While this book focuses on Odin, it does heavily integrate Atlas and Pipers situation into this book.

Odin had picked up Atlas and Piper when they landed. Their flight was rerouted to Las Vegas instead of heading to where their father and brother were holed up. They were all still in danger from QB and were in hiding. Others on QBs shortlist were starting to perish but some were escaping which was making him angry.

Odin was shot three times after getting Atlas and Piper. He was rushed to the hospital where Dr. Clara O’Grady was able to stabilize him and save his life, despite him being in a coma. Atlas offers Clara a million dollars to become Odins personal doctor and to move in and care for him. She accepts and is at the ranch later that evening when he’s moved there.

She takes care of him like any doctor would. She keeps him a live but she spends a lot of her time with him. She talks to him, reads to him and even sings some. She’s quickly falling for him through her dreams she has and by being around him so much. She does some research and finds a device that might help him.

Enter Raven Conway. Raven is a long time friend from back when he was in an elite school. He was a hacker trying to impress a girl when Raven popped up and stopped him in his tracks. He was a good hacker but Raven was better. He mentioned Raven to his father and she’s been in debt to him since even though they don’t look at it that way. She steals the device and research to the device.

Clara uses the device and it pulls Odin out of his coma. He recovers very quickly, which is good. Atlas found QB. Actually Piper spied him in a box above a soccer stadium while Clara had the game on. Atlas started forming a plan which included inducing labor for Piper so he could meet his little girl first. And like that Achillea is born, named to honor the youngest Titan brother Achilles who was killed.

Things get very bad. Very, very bad before things start to look up. But in this kind of world, can anything truly look up? We’ll just have to wait and see when the next Billionaire Titan book comes out.

I like this book better than the first. We get backstory with both Clara and Odin. We learn not only how Odin used to be a hacker but how Raven became part of the family, so to speak. We learn about Claras husband who died while at work. We learn more about these two characters and so far, I’m liking all the characters. The bad guys might be bad but Alison Ryan’s writing makes it more believable.  I honestly can’t wait to get more books written by her.

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174 pages. (I honestly think this might be a misprint by Amazon because it took more swipes than that to read it.)

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(I purchased this book when I happened to catch it free.)