Product Review: Christmas Lights by Impress Life

PicMonkey CollageThese lights are gorgeous. I thought they were cute on their respective Amazon pages but they are so much better in person! I received a set of owls, reindeers and angels.

IMG_20151223_011957305_HDR IMG_20151223_011948959(1)

I’m really impressed with how well these work. The timer goes from 2-8 hours. I haven’t noticed the battery box getting hot or over-heated at all while using these. My daughter absolutely loves the reindeers (below) while I love the owls (above).IMG_20151223_011723109 IMG_20151223_011708568

Each set of lights comes on a 10 foot wire. Each set is powered by batteries rather than a normal electric plug. Along with each set, there is a remote. You control the lights entirely from the remote. Turning them on and off, setting the time limit (2-8 hours), if you want them to stay lit or flicker like a candle and it includes a dimmer. You can either dim the lights or make them brighter depending on your setting.IMG_20151223_011235885IMG_20151223_011250087

The angels are my mom’s favorites!

On each 10 foot set of lights there are about 50 different characters, some less depending on character size. If you want some cute and adorable Christmas lights for next year, these lights by Impress Life are the ones to go with.

Each set can be found on Amazon at the following links:

Owls $16.99

Reindeer $16.99

Angels $16.99

***I received a set of each free in exchange for my opinion***