Play with Me (With Me in Seattle #3) by Kristen Proby

play with me

This is the third book in the With Me series by Kristen Proby. This story follows Will Montgomery and Meg. We previously met Will in the first two books and we catch a glimpse of Meg in book two.

Meg is a nurse in the cancer ward for teenagers. Will is a professional football player. Meg thinks he is a stuck up asshole but eventually learns differently. She has sent many requests to the PR representative for Wills football team to show up and surprise the kids. However, the PR rep never passes the request on to the team members.

When Will and some of the other players find out, they show up at the hospital with a bunch of gear for the kids. Will becomes quick friends with a kid named Nick, who happened to be a football player for his HS team until he was a junior when he took a hard hit and ended up in the hospital where his cancer was discovered.

Meg eventually gives in and starts dating Will. Will is Jules’ brother and Meg was her and Natalie’s best friend in college. So they are all being brought back together again. Meg keeps thinking that she isn’t enough for Will until she has a talk with Jules and it puts everything in perspective for her.

Things get worse before they get better.



A great book. A few nice catch up scenes so we can see what is happening with Natalie/Luke, Isaac/Stacy and Jules/Nate.


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266 pages