Excellence by Raj Davis


Todd, Ebony and Lee are all teenagers or pre-teen. Their mother died two years before, forcing their father back into their lives. They deal with abuse each and every day not only from school mates but from their father as well. The other kids pick on them all the time. One kid starts a rumor that Todd is doing his sisters. Their father makes them take baths when he gets home and then they are naked the rest of the night.

Todd finally has enough of this and he snaps. He wails on the kid that had started the rumor while Ebony and Lee take on the female bully and her friend. This earns them respect and kids leave them alone from that point on. When their father is called to the school since the fights happened there, they learn of Ebony being a genius.

Flash forward into the future. Todd is working for a drug dealer. The previous week, a rival gang had shot Teflon (the leaders son). Teflon makes it Todds job to find Scorpion and kill him. Teflon learns where Scorpion is and passes the information on Todd. Todd takes a chunk of his money and gives to Lee to pay the bills that their father was ignoring. He then visits Ebony for a while before embarking on his mission.


This book can hit home on so many levels with so many people. Children losing their parents, bullying, being abused, drug deals, fighting. Each of these elements can be present in each and every one of our lives at some point and time. I liked reading this book because it’s real on different levels. The characters could be everyday people like you and I. The world the author creates could pass for any normal town/city with a ghetto. Definitely an eye opener while reading this book.


139 pages

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**I received this book free in exchange for an honest review**