Rapine: Abducted by the Billionaire (Trophy Wife #1) by Charlotte Rose

rapine 1

I’ve read this book before but didn’t write a review about it. So now I just re-read it and will leave a review. 🙂

This story starts out with Cheryl and Derek. They are engaged. Derek does not allow Cheryl to work. BTW, he is a billionaire. He transfers money to Cheryl’s bank account each month so she can pamper herself and make herself look the best she can for him. In return, he only wants her to please him sexually. Cheryl has breakfast, brunch or lunch with her friends daily.

Her friends are both married to billionaire’s as well so they all take turns in paying for their outings. While out one night at a night club, a stranger approaches them. He shows interest in Cheryl who politely declines him. This doesn’t stick with him though. He starts tracking her whereabouts and runs into her a few more times. His name is Julian.

Derek and Cheryl goes to Las Vegas for New Years Eve. She wakes up on New Years day with a massive hang over. She heads to go down to the concierge to get some Advil when she thinks better of the idea and goes to return to her room. Lo and behold, who does she run into? That’s right fans. She runs into Julian. He offers her some Advil and water and she accepts it. He grabs her and forces her into his room where she struggles against him. Derek sees this. He gets severely pissed off and kicks the door in.

Ensue the major violence going on between the boys. Julian wins and knocks Derek out cold. He then makes Cheryl black out and he kidnaps her. He takes her to his home but he doesn’t hurt her. He wants her to trust him. He explains everything to her and wishes for her to stay there voluntarily. (To find out if she stays or goes, you’re going to have to read the book. 🙂 )

A great read. Definitely not for people who don’t like/read erotica as there are MANY spots throughout the book with erotica in it. 🙂

$4.99 Kindle

273 pages