Red Nights by Shari J Ryan

red nights

First off, I want to say thank you to Shari herself and to Becky from Booktrope for providing me with an ARC copy of the book.


This book was AMAZING. I was glued to the pages from beginning to end. This book will keep you glued from page to page.

The story starts out on a sad note. Felicity’s house is on fire. She can’t see anything and has no sense of direction in how to get out of the house. A fireman ends up saving her while more go into the house and pull out another body – her brother. Her brother ends up dying because of burns and smoke inhalation from the fire. The fire investigators and the police are saying it’s arson. And Felicity is the main suspect in it.

One night, Felicity ends up abandoning her friends apartment and goes to the park. While there, a dog runs up to her and then the dogs owner walks up. They talk a little bit. Several nights in a row, Felicity ends up at the park and runs into the man, Hayes Peyton. One day Felicity and Hayes end up meeting at a Jamaican coffee shop and end up setting up a date for that night.

Things start getting serious between them while Felicity’s life is falling apart because of losing her brother, having to fire her best friend and because of being the main suspect in the arson case. When she unloads on Hayes, he wants to help her prove her innocence. But will the things they find make her look innocent or guilty? Why is she being accused of arson? If she’s innocent, who did it and why? What secret does her best friend Aspen have and eventually reveals to her?


Like I said above, this book is AMAZING. I have been a fan of Shari’s since I read her first book and I have continued to read her books as well. This book doesn’t disappoint. It has danger, mystery and romance in it. All things that make a great read. You will be glued to the pages from cover to cover and won’t want to quit reading for anything.  Everything that happens in this book is something I could honestly see happening in real life to someone.


229 pages

$3.99 on Amazon