Taunted by a Killer (Men of the Badge #3) by Riley McKissack


“Taunted by a Killer” is the third book in the “Men of the Badge” series by Riley McKissack. The first book follows Mick Hampton, the second Weston McCall and this book follows Forrester.

Forrester is a detective. He is also part of a specialized team that gears up when needed. There is an arsonist on the loose. Each fire has has a body in it. Cassie, a news anchor, ends up beating the firemen to a few of the fires. She has an informant that is leaving her messages on her phone and she makes it there before anyone else gets the alert.

Forrester becomes suspicious. The thing you have to know, Forrester and Cassie used to be married. But things went south when her Granny, who was like a mother, passed away. Forrester was deep undercover at the time. Cassie sent word through the proper grapevine but he never received the message. So when he showed up a week later, she was done. She was so mad at the world and him that she wanted nothing to do with him.

Cassie and Forrester help save an old lady who lived a few doors down from where the first victim was burned. Miss Mary, the little old lady, had seen who had set the fire but she was scared to talk. When a young black kid ended up arrested, Miss Mary called Cassie and told her that the black kid was innocent and that a white man had done the killing and the fire.

Cassie begins her own investigation and almost dies when she’s lured to another location. Jojo, her cameraman, beat her to the location but the weird thing was that he wasn’t setting up the equipment.

Can Forrester and the rest of the rescue squad make it to where she was trying to drag Jojo out of a burning house? Who is the one setting these fires and targeting women who have “sinned”?


This was a good book. The more I read this series, the better it gets. I was sad to learn of a part in the book that I’m not going to tell you about. But from the previous book, I kinda figure dit was coming, just not quite as soon as it did.


292 pages

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Tempted to Kill (Men of the Badge #2) by Riley McKissack


Alisa has been looking for her sister for months after she ran away from the home she lived in with their stepfather. Meghan had tried to tell Alisa what had been happening but was going about it in a way that Alisa hadn’t understood. So Meghan ran away.

Alisa gets a lead one night when she stops and talks to a teenage girl that’s selling drugs in the street. The girl tells her she’s seen the girl in the picture but she goes by Taylor instead of Meghan. Chelsea, the girl, is in love with her pimp who is Weston. His undercover name is “Jake.” You guessed it. Weston is a part of a special task force. Chelsea also tells Alisa that Taylor/Meghan is one of Bones’ girls.

Alisa doesn’t know what that means to be one of Bones’ girls. She ends up at a bar and runs into Weston. Motor, a guy at the bar, takes an interest in her but Jake/Weston step in to stop that in it’s tracks. When Alisa and Meghan first see each other, sparks fly. Meghan doesn’t want to leave Bones and doesn’t want to give up her life. She’s actually in love with him.

But after a week, it’s all changed. When they make a meet for Alisa to buy Meghan (Bones’ thinks she’s a modern day madam), Meghan is ready to go. But Bones’ has a different plan.


A good read. I was surprised a couple times in the story because it wasn’t what I thought was going to happen.

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300 pages

Targeted to Kill (Men of the Badge #1) by Riley McKissack

targeted to kill

Becca Jefferson is a grade school teacher. She has group meetings once a week for the girls at the school to stay late, eat pizza and have a good time. One of her students doesn’t get picked up by her parents and can’t be reached on the phone. So Becca does the right thing and drives the girl home.

She hurries back to her house as it’s later than it normally is and she’s worried about Barley, her dog. She takes him for a walk as soon as she gets home and ends up kidnapped. Before all this though, there is a prison break. Mick Hampton, an undercover FBI agent, and three other felons break out of prison. They leave the safety of the ambulance and get in a backup SUV. Before leaving town, Rowdy the leader, has one more thing he has to do. Guess what it is?

Yep, that’s right. Kidnap Becca. But the thing is Becca and Mick have history together. They used to be a couple before Tess, Becca’s twin, was killed in the line of fire. She was Mick’s partner in the field and he couldn’t deal with what he thought Becca was thinking when she saw him. So he left.

Mick realizes it’s Becca because Barley was brought with her. He just hopes she has enough sense not to blow his cover. This was a REALLY big case that they were working on. He had to find the ones at the top of the chain.



This was a great book. It was not short on action or adventure at all. Each page led you directly to the other without wanting to take a break or do anything else until you finished all of the pages. I would highly recommend this one.


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262 pages